Harringtons Adult Salmon & Potato Dry Dog Food

  • Harringtons
  • Real salmon power: Peak energy & muscle health.
  • Digestive ease: Sweet potatoes for happy tummies.
  • Immune shield: Vitamins & minerals for daily adventures.
  • Shiny coat magic: Omega-3 & 6 for healthy glow.
  • No nasties, all good: Pure & natural nutrition.

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Fuel the Adventures of Your Adult Dog: Unleash the Power of Harringtons Salmon & Potato Dry Dog Food

Forget puppy kibble and bland biscuits – your adult dog deserves a meal as thrilling as their chase instincts! Introducing Harringtons Adult Salmon & Potato Dry Dog Food, the recipe crafted to ignite the energy and vitality of every adventure-seeking canine.

Awaken Inner Wolves with Ocean-Fresh Salmon: Every kibble of Harringtons is bursting with real, deboned salmon, the champion of canine proteins. This nutritional powerhouse delivers complete amino acids for sleek muscles, sustained energy, and boundless enthusiasm for life’s daily expeditions. Harringtons Adult Salmon & Potato isn’t just food, it’s a passport to peak performance, fueling even the most daring explorations.

Fuel the Flames of Adventure with a Potato Powerhouse: Forget heavy grains and fillers, Harringtons Adult Salmon & Potato champions easily digestible carbohydrates. Nutritious sweet potatoes provide sustained energy, while keeping tummies happy and digestion purring like a contented cat. No wheat, no fuss, just pure, natural goodness to empower your adult dog’s every leap, bound, and playful pounce.

More Than Just Meals, It’s a Shield for Every Quest: We know your furry friend faces everyday challenges, from playful tussles to conquering puddles. Harringtons Adult Salmon & Potato is woven with a tapestry of vitamins and minerals to support a robust immune system. Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids work their magic on a lustrous coat, keeping your dog looking as healthy as they feel. Every bowlful builds a fortress of well-being, armoring your adult dog for every adventure.

Harringtons Adult Salmon & Potato: it’s not just food, it’s a declaration of love for your adult dog. It’s the fuel for epic walks, the secret behind boundless zoomies, and the foundation for a life brimming with tail wags and wet-nosed smiles. So, unleash the inner wolf, ignite the spirit of adventure, and nourish your adult dog’s dreams with every delicious bite of Harringtons Adult Salmon & Potato Dry Dog Food. After all, life’s greatest adventures are best embarked upon with a belly full of salmon-powered goodness.

Ready to unleash the champion within your adult dog? Order your bag of Harringtons Adult Salmon & Potato Dry Dog Food today!


Salmon and Meat Meals 26% (Dried Salmon 6.5%*), Maize, Potato (14%), Rice, Barley, Freshly Prepared Chicken (4%), Poultry Fat, Beet Pulp, Salmon Oil (1%), Minerals, Poultry Gravy (0.5%), Seaweed (0.1%), FOS (0.1%), Yucca Extract (0.01%), *6.5% Dried Salmon, equivalent to 26g Salmon in every 100g Kibble

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