Harringtons Adult Large Breed Lamb Dry Dog Food

  • Harringtons
  • Real lamb power: Energy & muscle for big adventures.
  • Happy tummies: Prebiotics for smooth digestion.
  • Strong joints: Glucosamine & chondroitin for smooth movement.
  • Healthy heart: Taurine for heart health & stamina.
  • Shiny coat & brainpower: Omega-3s for a stunning look & smart pup.
  • Lamb-tastic flavor: Picky eater approved!
  • All-natural goodness: No nasties, just love for your giant.

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Fuel Giant Adventures with Harringtons Adult Large Breed Lamb Dry Dog Food!

Is your majestic giant friend a powerhouse of playful paws and wagging tails? Do they conquer walks like mountain treks and leave smaller pups panting in their dust? Then they deserve a fuel source worthy of their heroic appetite – Harringtons Adult Large Breed Lamb Dry Dog Food!

Specially Crafted for Adult Big Leaguers: Forget kibble sized for miniature mutts. Harringtons Large Breed formula boasts meaty morsels designed for powerful jaws and rumbling tummies. Every bite delivers a satisfying crunch that’s just the right size for your big buddy, ensuring complete nourishment without the frustration of kibble dust storms.

Lamb-tastic Tastebuds Rejoice!: No bland meals for your king-sized canine! Harringtons packs every mouthful with the irresistible allure of real lamb, the champion of protein-rich palatability. Watch those ears perk up and tails wag with joyful abandon as they devour their bowl, leaving not a single kibble uneaten.

Big Bodies, Big Needs, Big Support: Being a gentle giant comes with unique challenges. Harringtons understands the importance of joint health for those expansive frames. Glucosamine and chondroitin join forces to provide natural joint support, keeping your furry friend bounding through life with ease and comfort.

Strong Bodies, Healthy Minds: It’s not just about muscle power. Omega-3 fatty acids in Harringtons keep your large breed brilliant as well as brawny. Their shiny coats will gleam with health, while their sharp minds stay focused on chasing squirrels and conquering chew toys.

Digestive Harmony for Big Appetites: Big meals sometimes mean big worries. Harringtons tackles tummy troubles with prebiotic FOS, promoting healthy digestion and leaving your beloved pup feeling as good as they look. No more embarrassing rumbles or post-meal gurgles, just happy tail wags and playful pounces.

Fueling Giant Hearts: Powerful bodies need powerful engines. Harringtons includes taurine, the heart health hero, to ensure your large breed companion enjoys a long, happy life filled with endless adventures. Every kibble is a promise of well-being, keeping your furry friend by your side for every walk, cuddle, and belly rub.

So, unleash the inner giant with Harringtons Adult Large Breed Lamb Dry Dog Food! Give your big buddy the nutrition they deserve and watch them thrive, one delicious, meaty mouthful at a time. Because when it comes to giants, only the best will do.


26% Lamb & Meat meals (6.5% Dried Lamb), Rice (14%), Maize, Barley, Oats (6%), Poultry Fat, Freshly Prepared Chicken (4%), Maize Protein, Peas, Linseed, Beet pulp, Chicken Gravy, Minerals, Glucosamine (0.05%), Chondroitin Sulphate (0.05%), Dried Yucca (0.02%), Dried Marigold (0.005%)

  • Size 14kg
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