Happy Pet Twist-tee Coil Tug with Two Handles

  • Happy Pet
  • Double handles: Shared tugging fun for 1 or 2 players!
  • Stretchy spiral: Keeps pups engaged with endless chewing & tugging.
  • Eco-friendly: Made from recycled cotton for mindful playtime.
  • Versatile: Fetch, hide & seek, gentle teething, and more!
  • Easy clean: Pop it in the wash for effortless hygiene.

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Unleash the Tug-tastic Twist with the Happy Pet Twist-tee Coil Tug with Two Handles!

Forget run-of-the-mill rope toys, it’s time to unleash the Happy Pet Twist-tee Coil Tug with Two Handles – the ultimate tug toy that’s pawsitively perfect for any breed of dog! Whether you’ve got a playful pup or a tug-o-war champion, this innovative toy is guaranteed to ignite hours of tail-wagging fun.

Double the Handles, Double the Fun: Let the games begin with two sturdy handles, designed for comfortable grip and tugging action for both you and your furry friend. No more rope burns or hand fatigue – just pure, unadulterated tugging bliss! The handles are perfectly spaced for multiple players, so even your canine crew can join in the tug-of-war frenzy.

Twist, Stretch, Tug, Repeat: The unique spiral-shaped coil of the Twist-tee Coil Tug is more than just a pretty face. This flexible design stretches and contorts with every tug, keeping your dog engaged and their instincts on high alert. It’s like a built-in puzzle toy, challenging their chewing and problem-solving skills while providing satisfying tug resistance for even the most determined pups.

Eco-Friendly Fun: Made from recycled cotton, the Happy Pet Twist-tee Coil Tug is not just good for your dog, it’s good for the planet too! Feel good knowing you’re giving your furry friend a toy that’s gentle on the environment and bursting with sustainable goodness. Plus, the vibrant, unique colours are a result of the recycled materials, making each Twist-tee Coil Tug as individual as your dog!

More Than Just a Tug Toy: The Twist-tee Coil Tug isn’t just about tug-of-war (although it excels at that!). It’s a versatile plaything that can be used for a variety of games and activities. Toss it for fetch, hide it for seek, or even use it as a gentle teething toy for puppies. The possibilities are endless, just as your dog’s boundless energy!

Clean Up is a Breeze: No more smelly, slobbery toys cluttering your home! The Happy Pet Twist-tee Coil Tug is machine-washable, so keeping it fresh and clean is as easy as tossing it in the laundry. Simply let it air dry, and it’ll be ready for another round of tug-tastic fun!

Ready to unleash the ultimate playtime experience for your furry friend? Grab a Happy Pet Twist-tee Coil Tug with Two Handles today and watch the tail-wagging, tugging, and pure doggy joy unfold! It’s the perfect toy for any breed, any size, any play style. Get ready for endless hours of Happy Pet Twist-tee Coil Tug fun!

Remember, the Happy Pet Twist-tee Coil Tug with Two Handles is:
  • Perfect for any breed of dog
  • Features two comfortable handles for easy grip
  • Unique spiral design stretches and contorts for engaging play
  • Made from eco-friendly recycled cotton
  • Versatile for fetch, hide-and-seek, and more
  • Machine-washable for easy cleaning
Don’t wait, order your Happy Pet Twist-tee Coil Tug with Two Handles today and let the tug-tastic fun begin!
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