Happy Pet Little Rascal Bunny

  • Happy Pet
  • Squeaks hidden in floppy ears, unleashing playtime mayhem!
  • Crinkly tail & soft fur, a textural adventure for pups.
  • Fetch, tug, cuddle – endless fun for your little rascal.
  • Durable & squeaky, built for playful pups of all sizes.
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Unleash the Inner Rascal with Happy Pet Little Rascal Bunny: The Puppy Toy that Takes Playtime to the Next Level!

Meet the Happy Pet Little Rascal Bunny – not your average plush toy, but a playful powerhouse designed to unleash the mischievous, tail-wagging fun in every pup. This isn’t just another cuddly companion; it’s a multi-sensory playground of squeaks, textures, and endless entertainment all rolled into one irresistible bunny buddy.

Unleash the Power of Play:
  • Squeaky Surprise: Buried deep within the Little Rascal Bunny’s floppy ears lies a symphony of hidden squeakers, guaranteed to trigger your pup’s inner hunter and send them digging, pouncing, and prancing with delight. Every chomp releases a joyful squeak, fueling the playtime frenzy and keeping boredom at bay.
  • Textural Playground: From the velvety-soft ears to the crinkly crinkle paper tail, the Little Rascal Bunny is a textural adventure for tiny paws and teeth. The unique textures not only satisfy your pup’s natural chewing instincts but also provide mental stimulation, keeping them engaged and happy.
  • Fetch and Tug Fun: The floppy ears and sturdy tail are the perfect size for playful pups to grab, shake, and toss. Watch as the Little Rascal Bunny becomes your dog’s favorite fetch companion, soaring through the air and landing with a satisfying squeaky thud. And when playtime takes a tug-of-war turn, the bunny’s strong stitching holds up to even the most enthusiastic chompers.
  • Cuddly Comfort: Even the wildest rascals need a break. When playtime winds down, the Little Rascal Bunny transforms into a snuggly friend. Its soft plush fur and comforting weight offer a perfect spot for post-romp cuddles and quiet companionship.

Happy Pet’s Little Rascal Bunny isn’t just a toy; it’s an invitation to unleash the playful, mischievous spirit within your puppy. Watch as they explore, pounce, and cuddle their way to endless hours of tail-wagging fun. Whether they’re chasing squeaks, wrestling tails, or snuggling close, the Little Rascal Bunny promises to be your pup’s new best friend – in bunny form!

So get ready to witness the playful transformation! Grab your Happy Pet Little Rascal Bunny today and unlock your puppy’s inner rascal!

Available in Pink, Blue

Size 20cm x 15cm x 8cm

Weight N/A

Pink, Blue


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