Happy Pet Giant Mouse Catnip

  • Happy Pet
  • Jumbo plush mouse packed with potent catnip!
  • Unleash zoomies, pounces, & purrfect naps.
  • Durable, refillable fun for endless playtime.
  • More than a toy, it’s a purrfectly playful bond.
  • Order now & watch the catnip magic unfold!

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Unleash the Inner Hunter with Happy Pet Giant Mouse Catnip!

Is your feline friend feeling sluggish? Is their inner predator yearning for a challenge? Look no further than Happy Pet Giant Mouse Catnip, the supersized plaything that’s guaranteed to ignite playtime pandemonium!

This isn’t just any catnip mouse – it’s a gigantic plush adventure bursting with potent, organic catnip. Picture it: a soft, huggable mouse the size of a small baguette, its plump form brimming with the irresistible scent that sends kitties into blissful overdrive. Watch as your furry friend’s eyes widen, whiskers twitch, and playful instincts erupt like a catnip volcano!

Happy Pet Giant Mouse Catnip:
  • Supersized fun – This ain’t your average mini-mouse. This colossal cuddle buddy is big enough for epic pounces, ferocious tackles, and satisfying snuggles.
  • Potent catnip power – We’ve packed this plush pal with the good stuff, the highest-quality organic catnip that’s guaranteed to awaken your cat’s inner hunter. Prepare for zoomies, bunny kicks, and purrfectly blissful catnip naps.
  • Durable and playful – Don’t worry about this mouse meeting its fluffy demise too soon. Crafted with double-stitched seams and tough, cat-approved materials, Giant Mouse Catnip can withstand hours of playful mayhem.
  • Feathery tail for extra pizazz – This isn’t just a mouse; it’s a fashion statement! The attached feathery tail adds an irresistible element of swish and wiggle, tempting even the most jaded feline to engage in a game of chase.
  • Refillable catnip pouch – The fun never has to end! Giant Mouse Catnip comes with a handy refillable pouch, so you can keep the catnip mojo flowing for endless adventures.

More than just a toy, Giant Mouse Catnip is a portal to a world of purrfectly delightful play. It’s a catalyst for exercise, a stress reliever, and a bonding buddy all rolled into one oversized, catnip-infused package. So, watch out furniture – your cat’s about to unleash their inner hunter with Giant Mouse Catnip!

Get ready for:
  • Zoomies of epic proportions
  • Bunny kicks that could launch a rocket
  • Purrfectly blissful catnip naps
  • A house full of feline joy
Order your Happy Pet Giant Mouse Catnip today and let the catnip-fueled fun begin!
Remember, the bigger the mouse, the bigger the fun!
  • Size 8.5 x 24 x 6cm
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