Good Boy Lob It Space Lobbers

  • Good Boy
  • Plush space alien dog toys
  • Durable for epic fetch & chew sessions
  • Fun squeaks for interactive play
  • Choose your intergalactic pal!
  • Perfect for indoor & outdoor play
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Unleash the Fun with Good Boy Lob It Space Lobbers: The Dog Toy That’s Out of This World!

Is your pup ready for an interstellar adventure? Ditch the boring fetch routine and blast off to playtime nirvana with Good Boy Lob It Space Lobbers, the ultimate dog toy that combines playtime fun with cosmic cuteness! These adorable plush toys aren’t just your average cuddle companions; they’re durable, high-flying fetch champions disguised as friendly aliens from distant galaxies.

Get ready for tail-wagging excitement with Good Boy Lob It Space Lobbers! These plush pals are meticulously crafted to withstand even the most enthusiastic chewers and launchers. Their soft, yet strong, construction ensures endless games of fetch, tug-of-war, and cuddle time without falling apart at the seams. The unique, squeaky design adds an extra layer of interactive fun, keeping your furry friend engaged and entertained for hours on end.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Lob It Space Lobbers come in a variety of intergalactic characters:
  • Zurg, the fearless space captain: This brave adventurer features vibrant blue fur and a jaunty pilot’s cap, perfect for inspiring daring rescues and epic space battles.
  • Comet, the playful astronaut: With her bright pink fur and adorable helmet, Comet is sure to spark joy and silly space walks around the house.
  • Nebula, the galactic guardian: This wise and cuddly alien boasts calming purple fur and glowing antennae, ideal for snuggles and quiet moments under the stars.

No matter your dog’s personality, there’s a Good Boy Lob It Space Lobber waiting to become their new best friend! These spacefaring companions are ideal for both indoor and outdoor play, offering endless possibilities for imaginative adventures. Take them on a trip to the park, launch them into orbit in your living room, or cuddle up for a post-flight story time—the fun is truly limitless!

So wait no more and give your furry friend the gift of intergalactic fun! With Good Boy Lob It Space Lobbers, playtime will never be the same. Get your paws on these cosmic cuties today and watch your dog’s tail wag its way to a whole new universe of joy!

Remember, Good Boy Lob It Space Lobbers are the ultimate dog toy that combines playtime fun with cosmic cuteness! Order yours now and blast off to an adventure your pup will never forget!

Available Size Mini (4.5 inches), Large (9 inches)

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Mini, Large


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