Good Boy Chewy Bones with Chicken

  • Good Boy
  • Real chicken bites wrapped in a chewy bone for pups who drool for flavour.
  • Keeps jaws busy & teeth clean thanks to the satisfying munch.
  • Made with love & zero nasties – just good pup vibes.
  • Unleash happy barks & wagging tails at treat time.

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Unleash the Inner Good Boy with Chewy Bones with Chicken: Dog Treats that Delight!

Treat time just got a whole lot meatier! Introduce your furry friend to a tastebud-tantalizing adventure with Good Boy Chewy Bones with Chicken, the dog treats designed to ignite tails wags and happy barks. Forget boring biscuits and uninspiring kibble – these bone-shaped delights are packed with real chicken flavour that will have your canine companion begging for more.

Chewy Bones with Chicken aren’t just dog treats, they’re an experience. Each bite is a burst of savoury chicken goodness, wrapped in a satisfyingly chewy texture that keeps pups entertained for hours. More than just a treat, these bone-shaped wonders help promote dental health with their gentle gnawing action, keeping those pearly whites sparkling clean while your pup enjoys their delicious reward.

But wait, there’s more! Chewy Bones with Chicken are made with high-quality ingredients, free from artificial flavours and preservatives. That means you can feel good about spoiling your furry best friend with healthy dog treats that are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Here’s why Good Boy Chewy Bones with Chicken are the ultimate treat for your Good Boy:
  • Real Chicken Flavour: Packed with the irresistible taste of real chicken, these dog treats will have your pup drooling with anticipation.
  • Satisfyingly Chewy: The unique bone-shape and chewy texture provide long-lasting enjoyment and promote dental health.
  • Made with Love: We use only the finest ingredients, free from artificial flavors and preservatives, to ensure your pup gets the best.
  • Tail-Wagging Goodness: Every bite is a celebration, making treat time a bonding experience you and your furry friend will cherish.
  • Unleash the Inner Good Boy: These dog treats are more than just a snack, they’re a way to show your pup how much you care.
So ditch the boring biscuits and unleash the inner Good Boy in your dog with Chewy Bones with Chicken! Order your bag today and watch the joy unfold as your pup discovers a whole new world of delicious, healthy dog treat fun!
Remember, Good Boy Chewy Bones with Chicken – Dog Treats that Delight!


Rawhide (55%) Chicken (39.2%), Pea Protein, Glycerin, and Salt.

Size 80g

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