Good Boy Cheesy Chicken Sticks Dog Treats

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  • Unleash tail wags: Irresistible combo of real chicken & dog-safe cheese!
  • Made with love: 100% natural chicken breast, low in fat for guilt-free treats.
  • Chewy fun: Promotes good dental hygiene while keeping your pup entertained.
  • Perfect rewards: Ideal for training, playtime, or just saying “Good Boy!”
  • Happiness guaranteed: Watch your furry friend’s joy with every delicious bite!

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Unleash Tail-Wagging Joy with Good Boy Cheesy Chicken Sticks Dog Treats!

Looking for Good Boy Cheesy Chicken Sticks Dog Treats? Look no further! These delectable treats are packed with flavour and fun, guaranteed to put a happy paw-print on your furry friend’s day. Crafted with 100% natural chicken breast wrapped around a mouthwatering cheesy center, Good Boy Cheesy Chicken Sticks are more than just a treat, they’re a celebration of good doggy behaviour!

Why Choose Good Boy Cheesy Chicken Sticks?
  • Irresistible Flavour Combination: The irresistible duo of real chicken and dog-safe cheese creates a burst of flavour that will have your pup begging for more. It’s the perfect blend of savoury and satisfying, keeping your canine companion engaged and entertained.
  • Low in Fat: These delicious treats are low in fat, making them a guilt-free way to reward your good boy (or girl!). They’re ideal for dogs of all ages and activity levels, offering a tasty treat without compromising their health.
  • Natural Goodness: Made with high-quality, natural ingredients, Good Boy Cheesy Chicken Sticks are free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives. You can feel good about giving your dog a treat that’s both delicious and nutritious.
  • Chewy Texture: The chewy texture of these sticks helps promote good dental hygiene by gently scraping away plaque and tartar buildup as your dog munches. It’s a delicious way to support your pup’s oral health!
  • Convenient & Fun: Perfectly sized for training, playtime, or just because, Good Boy Cheesy Chicken Sticks are convenient and fun to use. Break them into smaller pieces for training rewards or offer them whole for extended chewing enjoyment.
More Than Just a Treat, It’s a Celebration!

Good Boy Cheesy Chicken Sticks are the perfect way to show your appreciation for your furry companion. Whether they’ve mastered a new trick, been a loyal friend, or simply brightened your day, these delicious treats are a paw-some way to say “Good Boy!” So, what are you waiting for? Watch your dog’s tail wag with delight as they savour the irresistible taste of Good Boy Cheesy Chicken Sticks!

Order your pack of Good Boy Cheesy Chicken Sticks Dog Treats today and unleash the joy!


Chicken Breast (49%), Cheese (20%), Corn Starch, Wheat Flour, Glycerin, Soya Protein, Salt, Pea Protein.

Size 80g

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