Good Boy Barkington Rabbit

  • Good Boy
  • Fluffy friend: Soft and cuddly bunny plush, perfect for snuggles and naptime.
  • Playtime pal: Fun size ideal for tossing, chasing, and fetching for small breeds and puppies.
  • Squeak to delight: Hidden squeaker inside triggers endless tail wags and playful pounces.
  • Durable design: Strong seams and tough fabrics built to withstand puppy playtime (within reason!).

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Unleash Zoomies (Without the Carrots): Introducing Good Boy Barkington Rabbit, the Plush Pal Every Tiny Pup Dreamed Of!

Paws up, pint-sized puppers! Are you tired of tennis balls that disappear under the couch and squeaky toys that sound like a rusty gate on a windy day? Well, wag your tails in delight, because Good Boy Barkington Rabbit has hopped onto the scene, ready to burrow his way into your small breed or puppy’s heart (and toy box)!

Cuteness Overload in Every Floppy Ear: Look at that velvety fur, those floppy ears begging for nuzzles, and that irresistible floppy tail just asking to be chased. Barkington Rabbit isn’t just a toy; he’s a snuggle buddy, a confidante, and the star of your pup’s next big adventure. Whether it’s a cuddle puddle on the couch or a game of fetch in the park, Barkington’s got your tiny terror’s tail wagging from sunrise to snooze time.

Small But Mighty Squeaks: Don’t let his cuddly exterior fool you! Barkington packs a punch when it comes to playtime fun. Inside his fluffy belly lies a hidden squeaker that’ll have your small fry yipping with excitement. Just one gentle squeeze and prepare for a symphony of squeaks guaranteed to send your pup into a tailspin of zoomies.

Just the Right Size for Tiny Paws: Forget toys that disappear under the fridge or get stuck in your pup’s mouth. Barkington Rabbit is perfectly sized for little nibblers and big cuddles. His 10-inch floppy body is ideal for tossing, chasing, and snuggling into at bedtime.

Built to Last (Well, Kinda): We know those tiny teeth can be relentless. That’s why Barkington Rabbit is crafted with double-stitched seams and durable plush fabric. He’s not indestructible (no bunny is!), but he’s tough enough to withstand hours of puppy playtime and snuggle sessions.

Good Boy Barkington Rabbit: Because every small breed or puppy deserves a loyal friend who’s always up for an adventure. So go ahead, unleash the zoomies, unleash the snuggles, unleash the pure, unadulterated joy of Good Boy Barkington Rabbit! Let the playtime begin!

Remember, Good Boy Barkington Rabbit comes in two sizes – Small (perfect for pups and tiny terrors) and Large (for bigger buddies who love to cuddle)! Choose the size that’s just right for your furry friend and let the fun hop in!
  • Size 250mm
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