Go Cat Indoor Chicken & Vegetables

  • Purina
  • Fuel for Indoor Explorers: Complete & balanced nutrition with real chicken for energy & adventure.
  • Goodbye Couch Potato Days: Adapted energy helps maintain healthy weight, encouraging playful zoomies.
  • Kiss Hairballs Goodbye: Natural fibers & beet pulp help keep digestion smooth & furball-free.
  • Fresh Home, Fresh Cat: Chicory minimizes litter box odour for a happy (and fragrant) household.
  • Made with Love: Real chicken & garden-fresh veggies for irresistible taste & essential nutrients.

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Unleash Purrs and Play: Go Cat Indoor Chicken & Vegetables – Fueling Happy Indoor Adventures!

Does your indoor feline rule the couch with an iron paw, but secretly yearn for jungle-worthy energy? Look no further than Go Cat Indoor Chicken & Vegetables, the delicious and nutritious fuel for indoor cats’ epic, everyday adventures!

Specially crafted for your indoor explorer, Go Cat Indoor provides complete and balanced nutrition to keep your kitty’s purr motor running all day long. We’ve packed this kibble with real chicken, the taste cats crave, alongside garden-fresh vegetables for the vitamins and minerals that keep them feeling their best.

Say goodbye to couch potato days! Go Cat Indoor’s recipe is specially formulated with an adapted energy intake, helping your indoor cat maintain a healthy weight while still having the zoomies to chase feathery toys and stalk dust bunnies with ferocious glee.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Go Cat Indoor takes care of the less glamorous aspects of indoor life too. Natural fibers promote smooth digestion, while beet pulp extracts help reduce hairballs (because nobody wants tumbleweeds of fur rolling around the house). Plus, chicory helps minimize litter box odour, keeping your home smelling just as fresh as your feline friend’s playful spirit.

So, unleash the inner lion (or tiger, or panther…you get the idea!) in your indoor cat with Go Cat Indoor Chicken & Vegetables.

Here’s why this indoor-cat wonder food is the purrfect match for your furry housemate:
  • Made with real chicken and garden-fresh vegetables for irresistible taste and essential nutrients.
  • Adapted energy intake helps maintain a healthy weight, even for indoor cats who lounge like royalty.
  • Natural fibers promote healthy digestion, so your cat can focus on conquering sock monsters, not hairballs.
  • Beet pulp extracts help reduce hairballs, keeping your home tidy and fur-free.
  • Chicory in the recipe minimizes litter box odour, leaving your home smelling fresh and feline-friendly.
Go Cat Indoor Chicken & Vegetables. Let the indoor adventures begin!
P.S. Remember, happy kitty, happy home! Go Cat Indoor helps your indoor cat thrive, inside and out. So open a bag, watch the kibble disappear, and prepare for a purrfectly playful day – the Go Cat Indoor way!


Cereals, Meat and animal derivatives (4% chicken in light brown kibbles), Vegetable protein extracts, Oils and fats, Derivatives of vegetable origin (1% parsley in green and orange kibbles), Vegetables (2% dried chicory roots), Minerals, Yeasts, Fruit (1% olive in green and orange kibbles)

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