Go Cat Chicken & Duck

  • Purina
  • Protein Power: Fuel playful leaps with muscle-building goodness.
  • Shiny Coat Secret: Essential oils unlock a gleaming, sun-kissed glow.
  • Crunchy Clean Teeth: Say goodbye to plaque with tartar-fighting kibble.
  • Happy Tummy Tales: Natural fibers for smooth sailing and less litter drama.
  • Urinary Tract Treasure: Balanced minerals for a purrfectly comfortable kitty.
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Unleash the Purrfect Mealtime Adventure: Go Cat Chicken & Duck Dry Food for All Cats!

Calling all curious carnivores! Is your feline friend ready to embark on a tastebud-tingling expedition? Look no further than Go Cat Chicken & Duck Dry Food – the all-natural, all-delicious answer to every cat’s culinary cravings!

Crafted with the finest chicken and duck, this kibble isn’t just food, it’s a fiesta for fur-ocious appetites. Each crunchy morsel bursts with the savoury goodness of real poultry, delivering a protein-packed punch to fuel your feline’s playful antics. Whether they’re scaling the curtains like feathered ninjas or prowling the living room like stealthy hunters, Go Cat Chicken & Duck Dry Food gives them the energy to conquer their kingdom.

But this epicurean odyssey goes beyond mere taste. We’ve carefully formulated this kibble with all cats in mind, catering to their unique needs and desires. No matter your feline’s breed, age, or activity level, Go Cat Chicken & Duck Dry Food provides them with a complete and balanced diet for optimal health and vitality.

Dive into a sea of benefits:
  • Muscle-Mending Marvel: Bursting with high-quality protein, this food helps build and maintain strong, lean muscles, so your cat can leap, pounce, and chase those pesky red dots with ease.
  • Shiny Coat Saga: Essential fatty acids work their magic to nourish your cat’s skin and fur, leaving them with a coat that’s as gleaming as a sunlit meadow. Prepare for endless petting sessions!
  • Dental Drama Defeated: Crunchy kibble helps scrub away plaque and tartar, keeping those pearly whites sparkling and your cat’s breath a bit less… pungent.
  • Digestive Delight: We’ve included natural fibers to ensure smooth sailing through the digestive system, meaning less litter box drama and more purr-fectly content kitties.
  • Urinary Tract Treasure: The carefully balanced mineral content supports healthy urinary tract function, keeping your cat feeling comfortable and carefree.

So, are you ready to unleash the inner explorer in your cat? Fill their bowl with Go Cat Chicken & Duck Dry Food and watch them embark on a journey of delicious discovery. From the first sniff to the last satisfying crunch, it’s an adventure packed with purr-sonalized nutrition and lip-smacking flavour.

Make mealtime a masterpiece with Go Cat Chicken & Duck Dry Food. Because every cat deserves a taste of the extraordinary.
Remember, Go Cat Chicken & Duck Dry Food – Fueling adventures for all cats!
Bonus tip: For an extra burst of excitement, scatter some kibble around the house and let your cat hunt down their tasty treasures! It’s playtime and mealtime all rolled into one!


Cereals, Meat and animal derivatives (10%*), Vegetable protein extracts, Oils and fats, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Minerals, and Yeasts.
*equivalent to 20% rehydrated meat and animal derivatives, with a minimum of 4% chicken, 4% duck, and 4% rabbit.

Available Size 2kg, 4kg, 10kg

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2kg, 4kg, 10kg


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