Frontline Plus Large Dog (20-40kg)

  • 8 weeks flea & tick shield for your large dog (20-40kg): Frontline Plus!
  • Kills fleas in 24 hours, stops eggs hatching, protects for 8 weeks.
  • Easy single-dose, water-resistant, vet-recommended.
  • Unleash big-dog confidence, flea-free!

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Unleash the Big Dog Confidence: Frontline Plus Large Dog (20-40kg)

Forget pesky parasites cramping your large dog’s adventurous spirit. Frontline Plus Large Dog (20-40kg) is here to unleash your furry behemoth’s full potential, protecting them from fleas and ticks for a whopping 8 weeks with just one easy application. That’s right, say goodbye to endless scratching, frantic tick checks, and the nagging worry of nasty diseases. Your big buddy can focus on what they love best: bounding through fields, stealing your socks, and smothering you with slobbery affection.

Big problems met with big protection:
  • Fleas? Out they go! Frontline Plus stops those pesky critters dead in their tracks within 24 hours, before they even have a chance to make your large dog’s coat their personal playground. And it doesn’t stop there – the formula continues to repel new fleas for 8 long weeks, giving your big pal itch-free, comfortable living.
  • Ticks? Don’t even think about it! These bloodthirsty little monsters don’t stand a chance against Frontline Plus. Within 48 hours, they’re paralyzed and detached, unable to transmit harmful diseases like Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis. Your large dog can explore the great outdoors with peace of mind.
  • More than just a flea shield: Frontline Plus goes the extra mile by breaking the flea life cycle. It stops flea eggs from hatching in your home, preventing an all-out parasitic explosion. Your large dog gets protected, and your house stays flea-free – win-win!
Made for large dogs, made for easy:
  • Just one convenient pipette, applied directly to your dog’s back of the neck, is all it takes. No messy sprays, no stressful pills, just a quick swipe and you’re good to go. Even the biggest cuddle monster can handle this hassle-free application.
  • Water-resistant? You bet! Go ahead, let your large dog splash in puddles, chase sprinklers, or take a dip in the lake. Frontline Plus stays put, keeping your furry friend protected even during water adventures.
  • Vet-recommended, dog-approved: Frontline Plus is a trusted solution used by vets worldwide, and let’s face it, dogs wouldn’t be so happy with it if it didn’t work! Safe for use on large dogs 8 weeks and older, this formula provides worry-free protection without unwanted side effects.

Give your large dog the freedom to explore, cuddle, and frolic without the fear of pesky parasites. Frontline Plus is your one-stop solution for big-dog happiness. Unleash the confidence your large dog deserves. Choose Frontline Plus, the shield against fleas and ticks for large dogs who live life to the fullest.

P.S. Remember, large dogs deserve big protection. Don’t settle for anything less than Frontline Plus, the leading flea and tick solution for your 20-40kg furry friend.

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