Forthglade Just Chicken, Lamb & Beef Multicase

  • Forthglade
  • Protein Pack: 90% chicken, lamb & beef fuel every kibble dance with delicious protein!
  • Naturally Happy: No nasties, just vitamins & minerals for optimal tail wags & shiny coats. ✨‍
  • Adventure Awaits: Multicase variety keeps mealtimes exciting, boredom banished!
  • Made with Love: Sustainable & ethical

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Unleash the Adult Dog Adventure with Forthglade Just Chicken Lamb & Beef Multicase Wet Food!

Fuel your adult dog’s vibrant spirit with the irresistible taste of real meat in Forthglade Just Chicken Lamb & Beef Multicase Wet Food. This delectable blend of juicy chicken, succulent lamb, and hearty beef isn’t just a meal, it’s an expedition to a healthier, happier tomorrow for your four-legged explorer.

Crafted with 100% natural ingredients, Forthglade Just Chicken Lamb & Beef Multicase boasts no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Just pure, protein-packed goodness that nourishes your adult dog’s body and soul. Imagine the wagging tails and happy slurps as your furry friend devours each tender morsel, packed with the essential nutrients that support their active lifestyle.

Made specifically for the needs of adult dogs, Forthglade Just Chicken Lamb & Beef  delivers:
  • A perfect balance of high-quality protein from three delicious meats to build and maintain strong muscles, keeping your dog energized for daily adventures.
  • Essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system, shiny coat, and sparkling eyes.
  • Easily digestible ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption, so your dog gets the most out of every tasty bite.
  • Convenient multicase packaging lets you dish up variety with each meal, keeping your adult dog’s taste buds thrilled and their tail wagging all day long.

Forthglade Just Chicken Lamb & Beef is more than just a meal – it’s a commitment to your adult dog’s well-being. It’s the fuel for playful park chases, the energy for endless tail wags, and the foundation for a life brimming with joyful barks and enthusiastic licks. Unleash the adventure within your adult dog, every delicious serving at a time.

So, ditch the dull and embrace the flavor explosion! Give your adult dog the adventure they deserve with Forthglade Just Chicken Lamb & Beef . Their taste buds will thank you, and their tail will never stop wagging.
Order your case today and let the adult dog adventures begin!
Remember: Forthglade Just Chicken Lamb & Beef Multicase Wet Food for Adult Dogs – Fueling happy, healthy journeys, every bowlful!


Just Chicken – Chicken (90%), Minerals.

Just Lamb – Lamb (90%), minerals.

Just Beef – Beef (90%), Minerals.

Available Size 12 x 395g – 4x chicken, 4x lamb & 4x beef trays.

Weight 5.0 kg


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