Five Senses Sensory Ball

  • Sharples n Grant
  • Taste Bud Boom: Real meat & veggies in yummy combos!
  • Sniff & Discover: Enticing natural aromas fuel playtime fun.
  • Gentle Chews: Soft & springy texture soothes sensitive gums.
  • Sensory Spark: Vibrant colors & crinkly sounds ignite curiosity.
  • Mind & Body Bliss: Encourages exploration & keeps pups active.
  • All Breeds Welcome: Tailored sizes for every playful pal!
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Unleash the Canine Connosisseur Within: Five Senses Sensory Balls for Small to Large Dog Breeds

Forget kibble monotony, your pup’s inner gourmet is about to burst into full wag! Introducing the Five Senses Sensory Ball, a revolutionary, edible plaything that awakens your dog’s senses and tantalizes their taste buds like never before. This isn’t just a treat, it’s an immersive dining experience packed into a playful orb fit for both tiny terriers and majestic mastiffs.

A Feast for All Five Senses:

Taste: Each Five Senses Sensory Ball bursts with a symphony of flavours, meticulously crafted for canine palates. Juicy bits of real meat like chicken, beef, or lamb are intertwined with a medley of healthy fruits and veggies, all tucked inside a delicious, digestible shell. Say goodbye to bland snacks and hello to tail-wagging excitement with every bite!

Smell: Let your dog’s nose be their guide to a world of olfactory adventure. We’ve infused each Sensory Ball with enticing natural aromas that send their senses into overdrive. From the mouthwatering scent of roasted chicken to the refreshing tang of apple and carrot, every sniff promises a new culinary discovery.

Touch: Forget the hard, plastic toys that leave paws sore. Our Sensory Balls are crafted with a uniquely soft, springy texture that’s gentle on sensitive gums and teeth. Every playful nudge and chew releases a burst of flavour and keeps your furry friend coming back for more.

Sight: Ditch the dull dog dishes and treat your pup to a visually captivating playtime. These vibrantly coloured balls, speckled with tempting fruit and veggie bits, ignite curiosity and make snack time a feast for the eyes. Watch their ears perk up and tails wag the moment they lay eyes on this playful culinary creation.

Hearing: The fun doesn’t stop at the first bite! Each Sensory Ball is designed to crinkle and crackle with every playful pounce and chomp, adding an extra layer of sensory delight to your dog’s playtime. It’s a symphony of sound and taste that guarantees hours of tail-chasing joy.

More Than Just a Treat, It’s a Sensory Safari:

Five Senses Sensory Balls aren’t just about satisfying hunger, they’re about igniting your dog’s natural curiosity and keeping their minds and bodies active. Each playful bite is a new adventure, encouraging exploration, problem-solving, and self-soothing behaviour. Watch their little faces light up as they unravel the layers of flavour and texture, their senses buzzing with every joyful chomp.

So, ditch the boring and indulge your dog’s inner gastronome! Unleash the power of the Five Senses Sensory Ball and watch your furry friend embark on a sensory safari with every delicious bite.

Order yours today and awaken the canine connoisseur within!
Remember: Five Senses Sensory Balls are available in sizes perfect for all small to large dog breeds, ensuring every pup gets to experience the full sensory symphony. Choose the right size and flavour to unleash your dog’s inner gourmet!

Available size Small(6.35cm), Large(8cm)

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