Felix As Good As It Looks Favourites in Jelly

  • Purina
  • Variety: Flavours galore: chicken, beef, tuna, salmon & more!
  • Real Protein: Fuels feline adventures with real meat & fish.
  • Jellylicious: Moisture & flavor boost, even picky cats purr-ove.
  • Healthy & Happy: Complete nutrition for purrfect well-being.
  • Easy Pouches: Portion control & freshness, ideal for busy cat parents.

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Unleash the Meow-gical: Felix As Good As It Looks Favourites in Jelly – A Feast Fit for a Feline Foodie!

Is your cat a discerning diner, a connoisseur of culinary delights? Do they turn up their nose at bland kibble, yearning for something more… appetizing, enticing, and downright delicious? Then look no further than Felix As Good As It Looks Favourites in Jelly – the cat food that tantalizes taste buds and awakens the inner gourmet in your feline friend!

More than just cat food, it’s a flavourful adventure. Each pouch bursts with mouthwatering combinations of real meat and fish in a tempting jelly that’s sure to have your kitty purring with satisfaction. Choose from succulent chicken in jelly, beefy delights in jelly, oceanic treasures like tuna and salmon in jelly, and more! Felix As Good As It Looks Favourites in Jelly offers a variety pack of flavours, ensuring your cat enjoys a different taste sensation at every mealtime, keeping them engaged and excited for their next culinary escapade.

But As Good As It Looks Favourites in Jelly isn’t just about taste, it’s about complete and balanced nutrition. Crafted with essential vitamins and minerals, this deliciously nutritious formula supports your cat’s overall health and well-being. The convenient individual pouches make portion control a breeze and ensure freshness, while the appealing aroma will have your cat coming running for their next delicious serving.

Here’s what makes Felix As Good As It Looks Favourites in Jelly the purrfect choice for your cat:
  • Variety of flavours: Chicken, beef, tuna, salmon, and more!
  • Real meat and fish: Packed with protein for feline energy.
  • Tempting jelly: Adds moisture and flavour.
  • Complete and balanced nutrition: Supports your cat’s health and well-being.
  • Convenient individual pouches: Easy to portion and store.
  • Appealing aroma: Entices even the pickiest eaters.

Don’t settle for boring cat food. Give your feline friend the gourmet experience they deserve with As Good As It Looks Favourites in Jelly. Watch their eyes light up with excitement, hear their purrs grow louder, and witness their tail wags become more enthusiastic. It’s not just cat food, it’s a love letter to your cat’s taste buds!

Treat your cat to the flavours they crave and the nutrition they need. Order Felix As Good As It Looks Favourites in Jelly today!


Meat and animal derivatives (Chicken/Beef 4%), Vegetable protein extracts, Fish and fish derivatives (Salmon/Tuna 4%), Minerals,
Various sugars

  • Size 100g x 12
Weight 1.2 kg


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