Cat ‘N’ Scratch Playpost & Ball

  • Sharples n Grant
  • Satisfy instincts & save furniture: Durable sisal scratching post!
  • Interactive catnip ball: Bat, pounce, & unleash playful energy!
  • Comfy lounging area: Relax & recharge after a clawsome session!
  • Happy cat, happy home: Keeps kitty entertained & furniture intact!

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Unleash the Claw-some Fun: Unleash your Cat’s Inner Tiger with the Cat ‘N’ Scratch Playpost & Ball!

Forget ripped furniture and shredded curtains! The Cat ‘N’ Scratch Playpost & Ball is the answer to all your feline friend’s scratching desires, offering a purrfect outlet for their natural instincts while saving your precious belongings. This scratch post wonderland combines the satisfying texture of natural sisal with an array of entertaining features, keeping your kitty happy and healthy for hours on end.

Ditch the Destructive Digs:

Does your cat love to sink their claws into your favorite sofa? Redirect their attention to the sturdy sisal post of the Cat ‘N’ Scratch Playpost & Ball. The coarse, woven fibers provide the perfect texture for scratching, mimicking the rough surfaces they crave outdoors. This satisfying engagement not only honestheir claws and prevents them from getting overgrown, but also reduces stress and destructive behavior, keeping your furniture (and your sanity) intact.

More Than Just a Scratch Post:

This multifunctional marvel goes beyond just satisfying scratching needs. The playpost features a fun, dangling ball filled with irresistible catnip, sparking their playful side and encouraging interactive batting and pouncing. The sturdy base is covered in plush carpet, offering a comfy spot for your kitty to lounge and observe their surroundings. It’s an all-in-one entertainment center that caters to a variety of feline desires!

Benefits Beyond Claws:

The Scratch Playpost & Ball isn’t just a lifesaver for your furniture, it’s also beneficial for your cat’s well-being. Regular scratching promotes healthy exercise, keeping your kitty fit and engaged. The playful elements stimulate their minds and prevent boredom, while the comfy lounging area provides a secure and relaxing haven. It’s an investment in your cat’s physical and mental health, fostering a happy and well-adjusted feline friend.

Give your cat the gift of a scratchtastic adventure with the Cat ‘N’ Scratch Playpost & Ball! Let them indulge their natural instincts, unleash their playful spirit, and keep your home claw-free. Order yours today and watch your furry friend purr with delight!
  • Size 29cm x 29cm x 39cm
Weight 2.5 kg


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