Butchers Tripe Loaf Recipes Wet Dog Food Cans

  • Butchers
  • Muscle-building protein: Real, grass-fed beef for sustained energy and strong bones.
  • Green tripe power: Packed with probiotics, enzymes, and vitamins for gut health and a radiant coat.
  • Omega-3 & Omega-6: Supports a healthy heart, skin, and immune system for ultimate well-being.
  • Grain-free & gluten-free: Perfect for sensitive dogs and those seeking a natural diet.
  • Complete & balanced: All the nutrients your adult dog needs in every delicious bite.
  • Convenient & easy: No mess, no fuss, just open, scoop, and serve.
  • Shelf-stable: Perfect for travel or everyday use, no refrigeration needed.
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Unleash the Power of Green Tripe: Butchers Tripe Loaf Recipes Wet Dog Food Cans – Fuel Adult Dog Adventures with Every Bite

Ditch the bland and awaken your adult dog’s inner carnivore with Butchers Tripe Loaf Recipes Wet Dog Food Cans. This isn’t your average kibble-topper; it’s a culinary revolution packed with the muscle-building power of protein, the immune-boosting magic of green tripe, and a flavour explosion that will have your pup begging for more.

Butcher’s Tripe Loaf Recipes aren’t just delicious, they’re specifically formulated for the needs of adult dogs. Forget fillers and artificial ingredients. Our cans are brimming with 100% complete and balanced nutrition, made with real, grass-fed beef and green tripe, naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. This unique blend provides:

  • High-quality protein: For strong muscles, healthy bones, and boundless energy to fuel your dog’s active lifestyle.
  • Green tripe: A nutritional powerhouse packed with probiotics, digestive enzymes, and essential vitamins for optimal gut health and a radiant coat.
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids: To support a healthy heart, skin, and immune system for overall well-being.
  • Grain-free and gluten-free: Perfect for dogs with sensitivities and ideal for those seeking a natural, wholesome diet.
Butcher’s Tripe Loaf Recipes aren’t just good for your dog, they’re good for you too. Our cans are:
  • Convenient and easy to serve: Simply open, scoop, and watch your dog devour every delicious morsel.
  • No mess, no fuss: No more kibble dust or greasy residue, just clean, convenient feeding.
  • Shelf-stable: No need for refrigeration, making them perfect for travel or everyday use.

Witness the transformation as your adult dog thrives on the power of Butcher’s Tripe Loaf Recipes. See their energy levels soar, their coat gleam, and their digestive health flourish. Every can is an invitation to a world of exceptional taste and optimal nutrition, all while supporting your dog’s natural instincts and adventurous spirit.

Give your adult dog the gift of Butcher’s Tripe Loaf Recipes Wet Dog Food Cans. Unleash the power of green tripe and watch their love for life bloom with every delicious bite.


Original Tripe

British & Irish Farmed (Chicken 34%, Tripe 13%, Beef 3%), Minerals.

Chicken & Tripe

British & Irish Farmed (Chicken 37%, Tripe 10%, Beef 3%), Minerals.

Beef & Tripe

British & Irish Farmed (Chicken 30%, Beef 10%, Tripe 10%), Minerals.

Pack contains 400g x 18

  • 6 x with Original Tripe
  • 6 x with Chicken & Tripe
  • 6 x with Beef & Tripe

Pack contains 400g x 6

  • 2 x with Original Tripe
  • 2 x with Chicken & Tripe
  • 2 x with Beef & Tripe
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6 Pack, 12Pack, 18 Pack


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