Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food

  • Burns
  • Mini chomps for mini maws – perfect pup-sized kibble!
  • Big nutrition, big dreams – fuels growing pups with healthy protein & energy.
  • Shine from snout to wag – nourishes skin & coat for a silky, happy glow.
  • Tummy-friendly goodness – prebiotics keep digestion pawsitive and purrfect.
  • Sensitive stomachs rejoice – free from common allergens for worry-free meals.
  • Taste buds say woof! – Irresistible chicken & rice flavour fuels playful zoomies.
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Unleash Playful Pounce Power with Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice!

Fueling adventures and tail wags since the first drooly puppy grin, Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice is specially crafted for your tiny terror’s boundless energy. Forget kibble too big for those eager jaws – these bite-sized nuggets are bursting with delicious chicken and rice goodness, perfectly sized for small and toy breed puppies to gobble with glee.

Small But Mighty Mini Meals: Say goodbye to food fights and hello to happy chomping! Burns Puppy Mini’s smaller kibble makes mealtime a breeze for even the tiniest mouths. Imagine the adorable scene: tiny teeth crunching with satisfaction, ears perked for the next playtime adventure.

Big Nutrition, Big Dreams: Don’t let their size fool you. Every crunchy morsel of Burns Puppy Mini is packed with the essential nutrients your growing pup needs to chase butterflies, conquer chew toys, and snooze contentedly in your lap. High-quality chicken and fish provide complete protein for healthy muscle development, while rice and oats release energy slowly, keeping those playful paws powered up all day long.

Shine from Snout to Wagging Tail: A puppy’s coat is their crowning glory, and Burns Puppy Mini helps it gleam! Sunflower oil and fish meal offer a rich blend of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, nourishing your pup’s skin from the inside out for a coat that’s silky smooth and begging for belly rubs. Plus, prebiotics keep digestion happy and tummies wagging.

Growing Up Happy, Growing Up Healthy: We know, raising a puppy is a whirlwind of cuddles, chaos, and endless curiosity. That’s why Burns Puppy Mini is formulated with your tiny explorer in mind. Controlled levels of protein and fat promote a healthy, steady growth rate, reducing the risk of skeletal problems later in life. It’s like a safety net woven with deliciousness, ensuring your furry friend blossoms into a happy, healthy doggo.

So, unleash the playful pounce power within! Make mealtime a mini masterpiece with Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice. Every bite is a delicious step towards a healthy, happy doghood, filled with endless zoomies, wet noses, and unconditional love.

Ready to give your puppy the best start? Choose Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice, the pawfect fuel for little adventurers!
Bonus: This formula is free from wheat, dairy, soya, and beef – common culprits behind kibble woes. So, even pups with sensitive tummies can join the Burns Puppy Mini party!


Brown Rice (44%), Chicken Meal (23%), White Rice (13%), Chicken Oil, Oats, Peas, Sunflower Oil, Fish Meal, Minerals, and Seaweed.

Available Size 2kg, 6kg

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2kg, 6kg


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