Burns Kitten Chicken & Rice

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  • Tiny-licious bites: Perfect size for growing mouths, making mealtime a playful feast.
  • Muscle-fueling goodness: High-quality chicken protein powers every pounce and zoomie.
  • Happy tummies, happy days: Gentle brown rice keeps playtime fueled all day long.
  • Sensitive kitten-friendly: Hypoallergenic, free from common nasties.
  • Sparkling eyes, shiny coat: Vitamins & minerals nurture healthy growth and a cuddle-worthy glow.
  • Kitty cardio champs: Taurine keeps hearts strong for endless adventures.
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Unleash the Purrfect Prowess with Burns Kitten Chicken & Rice Dry Cat Food: Fueling Tiny Treasures from Kittenhood to Cattitude!

Tiny paws pitter-patter, big eyes shimmer with mischief, and purrs rumble like tiny engines – welcome to the whirlwind world of a kitten! Every playful pounce, every clumsy climb, every nap of epic proportions needs fuel. That’s where Burns Kitten Chicken & Rice Dry Cat Food steps in, packed with everything your little explorer needs to blossom into a confident, healthy furball.

Made with love for the littlest foodies, this delicious kibble is more than just a meal, it’s a launchpad for kitten greatness. Imagine this:
  • Bursting with high-quality chicken protein, Burns Kitten satisfies those growing muscles and bones, powering each leap and zoomie with natural goodness.
  • Perfectly sized, bite-shaped pieces are gentle on tiny teeth, making mealtime a munch-a-thon of pure kitten joy.
  • Brown rice, nature’s energy powerhouse, keeps tummies happy and playful spirits fueled all day long.
  • Hypoallergenic and free from nasties like wheat, soya, and dairy, this food caters to even the most delicate kitten sensibilities, ensuring all that energy goes towards purring, not scratching.
But let’s be honest, kittens aren’t just about energy – they’re about sparkling eyes, healthy coats, and a purr that melts hearts. Burns Kitten knows this secret too!
  • Essential vitamins and minerals support healthy growth and development, making sure your little furball blossoms into a sleek, strong feline.
  • Taurine, the superhero nutrient, keeps those playful eyes bright and hearts beatin’ strong, ready for endless adventures.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids work their magic on the inside, promoting a shiny, healthy coat that’s begging to be cuddled.

So, ditch the ordinary kibble and unleash the purrfect potential within your kitten with Burns Kitten Chicken & Rice Dry Cat Food. Watch those tiny paws grow bolder, those whiskers twitch with curiosity, and that purr morph into a powerful rumble of feline confidence. Every bowlful is a step towards a happy, healthy cathood, filled with endless leaps, snuggles, and adventures. Give your kitten the fuel they deserve to conquer the world, one tiny paw print at a time!

Burns Kitten Chicken & Rice Dry Cat Food: More than just a meal, it’s the purrfect start to a lifetime of cattitude!


Chicken Meal (44%), White Rice (34%), Wholegrain Maize, Chicken fat, Chicken Livers, Salmon Oil, Minerals, Seaweed.

  • Size 300g, 1.5kg
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300g, 1.5kg


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