Burgess Sensitive Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food

  • Burgess
  • Soothe sensitive tummies: Hypoallergenic formula, gentle on digestion.
  • Fuel playful pups: High-quality lamb supports energy & strength.
  • Shine from within: Vitamins & minerals for healthy coats & sturdy bones.
  • Boost immune defenses: Antioxidants & vitamins keep dogs healthy & happy.
  • Tail-wagging taste: Delicious lamb & rice, mealtime made joyful.
  • Vet-approved care: Trust Burgess Sensitive for adult dog well-being.

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Say Goodbye to Sensitive Tummies: Burgess Sensitive Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food for Happy, Healthy Adult Dogs

Is your adult dog’s tummy throwing a tantrum? Itchy skin, upset stomachs, and mysterious poos got you scratching your head? Look no further than Burgess Sensitive Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food, specially formulated to pamper your adult canine companion’s sensitive side.

Made with adult dogs in mind, this delicious kibble is packed with the goodness of easy-to-digest lamb and fluffy rice, providing all the essential nutrients your four-legged friend needs to thrive. We’ve banished the common culprits of digestive woes – wheat, maize, beef, soya, eggs, and dairy – leaving behind a hypoallergenic feast that’s gentle on delicate stomachs.

Say goodbye to gut grumbles and hello to happy tail wags! Burgess Sensitive Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Food features:
  • A taste of the good life: Succulent lamb, the star of the show, provides a delicious source of protein that fuels your adult dog’s playful spirit and keeps them feeling strong.
  • Easy on the tummy: Rice, a naturally gentle grain, ensures smooth digestion and says farewell to upset stomachs and messy surprises.
  • Shinier coats, stronger bones: A blend of essential vitamins and minerals nourishes your adult dog from the inside out, promoting a healthy, radiant coat and strong bones for years of adventure.
  • Digestive harmony: Prebiotics and natural fibre work in perfect harmony to support your dog’s gut health, keeping things running smoothly and comfortably.
  • Immune system support: Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, this formula helps build a strong immune system to keep your adult dog happy and healthy, ready to tackle every walk and playtime with gusto.

Burgess Sensitive Adult Lamb & Rice is more than just food – it’s a promise of well-being for your adult dog. Every bowlful is a step towards a happier, healthier life, filled with tail wags, zoomies, and endless cuddles. So, ditch the digestive dramas and unleash the joy with Burgess Sensitive.

Give your adult dog the gift of gentle, delicious nutrition with Burgess Sensitive Adult Lamb & Rice Dog Food. Order yours today and watch the happy tail wags begin!

Remember, Burgess Sensitive Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food is specially formulated for adult dogs with sensitive stomachs.


Rice (min 26%) • Lamb Meal (min 26%) • Unmolassed Beet Pulp (5%) • Poultry Fat • Digest • Fish Oil (1%) • Lucerne Extract (1%) • Ligno-cellulose • Salt.

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