BETA Puppy Turkey and Lamb Dry Dog Food

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  • Fuel for strong muscles & curious minds!
  • Happy tummies with tummy-friendly prebiotics.
  • No nasties, just pawsome goodness!
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Unleash the Wagging Tail Tornado with BETA Puppy Turkey & Lamb Dry Dog Food!

Puppies are a whirlwind of playful pounces, zoomies, and endless cuddles. Their boundless energy needs top-notch fuel to ignite their adventures, and that’s where BETA Puppy Turkey & Lamb Dry Dog Food comes in! Crafted with your little explorer in mind, this delicious kibble is jam-packed with the goodness your tiny adventurer needs to thrive.

Fuel the Fun with Turkey & Lamb Power: Every scoop of BETA Puppy Turkey & Lamb Dog Food bursts with real turkey as the #1 ingredient. This high-quality protein packs a punch, supporting strong muscles and healthy growth for your bouncing bundle of joy. And alongside turkey, there’s delicious lamb, adding irresistible flavor and another protein powerhouse to keep your pup’s tail wagging all day long.

Brainpower for Big Adventures: A puppy’s world is full of new sights, smells, and sounds. To navigate it all, they need a sharp mind! DHA, an essential fatty acid for brain development, is sprinkled into every morsel of BETA Puppy Turkey & Lamb Dry Dog Food. This brain-boosting ingredient helps your pup process all the exciting (and sometimes confusing) experiences puppyhood throws their way.

Growing Strong, Inside & Out: Strong bones and teeth mean even more playtime for your furry friend. BETA Puppy Turkey & Lamb Dog Food is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy bone development and dental hygiene. No more worries about wobbly bones or pearly whites turning cloudy – your pup will be chomping away happily, both inside and out.

Tummy Troubles? Not Here!: We know puppy bellies can be sensitive. That’s why BETA Puppy Turkey & Lamb Dry Food is specially formulated with a natural prebiotic. This tummy-friendly ingredient helps maintain good gut health, so your pup can focus on exploring the world, not worrying about upset stomachs.

Made with Love, No Nasties: We know your puppy deserves the best, and that means saying no to anything artificial. BETA Puppy Turkey & Lamb Dog Food is free from added artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. Just pure, wholesome goodness in every bite.

So, unleash the playful powerhouse within your pup with BETA Puppy Turkey & Lamb Dry Food! Watch their tails wag with delight, their minds grow, and their bodies flourish as they embark on the greatest adventure of all – puppyhood! Let the wagging tail tornados begin!

BETA Puppy Turkey & Lamb Dry Dog Food: Fueling adventures, one paw-print at a time!


Turkey meal (16%), Wheat, Corn, Soya meal, Poultry fat, Lamb meal (7%), Rice (7%), Wheat middling, Corn gluten, Dried beet pulp, Digest, Minerals, Dried chicory root (1%), Fish oil, Dried Carrot (0.07%), Dried Spinach (0.07%), Dried Parsley(0.07%). Natural ingredients.

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2kg, 14kg


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