Beta Large Breed Adult Turkey Dry Dog Food

  • Purina
  • Giant Powerhouse: Real turkey protein fuels strong muscles & boundless energy.
  • Adventure-Ready Fuel: Sustained energy for days of zoomies & mountain hikes.
  • Happy Joints, Happy Dog: Omega-3s keep joints supple for comfy exploration.
  • Tummy-Friendly Goodness: Prebiotics & fiber for smooth digestion, always.
  • Whole-Body Bliss: Essential vitamins & minerals for a healthy, happy giant.
  • Real Love in Every Bite: No nasties, just real, wholesome ingredients.

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Fuel Their Giant Hearts: Beta Large Breed Adult Turkey Dry Dog Food

Your mighty companion deserves mighty fuel. Unleash the inner giant in your large breed dog with Beta Large Breed Adult Turkey Dry Dog Food, specially crafted to nourish the needs of giants like Danes, Mastiffs, Shepherds, and beyond.

Big Bodies, Big Needs: Let’s face it, your large breed isn’t a lapdog. They’re adventurers, protectors, and bundles of boundless energy. Their bigger frames demand more from their food, and Beta delivers. This protein-packed formula, with real turkey as the first ingredient, provides the essential amino acids to support strong muscles, healthy joints, and boundless stamina. No more skimping on the good stuff to fill their bowl – each crunchy kibble is a powerhouse of goodness.

Fueling Adventures, Big and Small: Whether they’re scaling mountains or conquering the couch, Beta Large Breed has your dog covered. Our balanced blend of high-quality fats and carbohydrates provides sustained energy for even the most demanding days. Omega-3 fatty acids keep their joints supple and spirits high, while prebiotics and fiber ensure smooth digestion, even after the biggest backyard zoomies.

Nourishing Giants from the Inside Out: It’s not just about muscles and mountains. Beta Large Breed cares for your dog’s whole-body health. Essential vitamins and minerals support a strong immune system, shiny coat, and sparkling eyes. We even added antioxidants to fight free radicals and keep your furry friend feeling young at heart.

Because Big Love Deserves Big Nutrition: Your large breed dog is more than just a pet – they’re family. That’s why Beta Large Breed Adult Turkey Dry Dog Food is made with the same love and care you put into everything for your best friend. No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives – just real, wholesome ingredients that your dog deserves.

Give your large breed the best. Choose Beta Large Breed Adult Turkey Dog Food and watch their giant hearts soar.


Cereals (59% Wholegrain**), Meat and Animal Derivatives (16%*), Derivatives of Vegetables Origin (of which 0.07% Dried Parsley**), Vegetable Protein Extracts, Oils and Fats, Minerals, Vegetables** (1.1% Dried Chicory Root, 0.07% Dried Carrot, 0.07% Dried Spinach)
*Equivalent to 32% Rehydrated Meat and Animal Derivatives: minimum 4% Turkey
**Natural ingredients

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