Beaphar Multi Wormer for Cats

  • Beaphar
  • Broad-spectrum: Targets both roundworms & tapeworms in domestic cats.
  • Effective & gentle: Safe formula eliminates common worms without harsh side effects.
  • Stress-free: Palatable tablets, whole or crushed in food, for easy administration.
  • Convenient: Simple 3-week treatment schedule for consistent protection.
  • Tailored for most cats: Suitable for cats over 6 months & 0.6kg+.
  • UK vet-approved: Offers peace of mind with trusted efficacy & safety.

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Protect Your Domestic Cat’s Wellbeing with Beaphar Multi Wormer for Cats

Worms can be a hidden threat lurking in your beloved domestic cat’s system, silently impacting their health and happiness. From playful kittens to seasoned fur-babies, every domestic cat deserves the best protection against these unwelcome guests. That’s where Beaphar Multi Wormer for Cats steps in, offering a safe, effective, and convenient solution to keep your feline companion worm-free and thriving.

Why Choose Beaphar Multi Wormer for Your Domestic Cat?
  • Broad-Spectrum Protection: This unique formula targets both roundworms and tapeworms, two of the most common parasites infecting domestic cats. By tackling both types in one simple treatment, you ensure your cat receives comprehensive protection without needing multiple worming medications.
  • Gentle Yet Powerful: Formulated with cats in mind, Multi Wormer incorporates safe and effective ingredients to eliminate common worms without harsh side effects. The veterinary-approved formula offers peace of mind, knowing your furry friend is receiving the best care.
  • Easy Administration: Forget wrestling with bitter pills or messy liquids. Beaphar Multi Wormer comes in the form of palatable tablets, making the process effortless. Choose to administer them whole or crush them and mix them with your cat’s food for a stress-free experience.
  • Convenient Treatment: The worming program follows a simple three-week schedule, with one dose per week. This manageable process helps ensure your cat receives consistent protection against worm infestations, promoting long-term health and well-being.
  • Suitable for Most Domestic Cats: Beaphar Multi Wormer is ideal for cats over 6 months old and weighing above 0.6kg. This versatile option caters to a wide range of domestic cats, from playful kittens to majestic Maine Coons.
Investing in your domestic cat’s health starts with protecting them from harmful parasites. Beaphar Multi Wormer for Cats offers a convenient, effective, and gentle solution to keep your feline friend worm-free and living their best life. Give your cat the gift of good health and choose Beaphar Multi Wormer today!

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