Beaphar Hairball Paste

  • Beaphar
  • Stops Hairballs: Malt magic prevents & eases passage.
  • Happy Gut: Prebiotics support digestion & immunity.
  • Delicious Treat: Enticing flavour makes it a purrfect reward.
  • Gentle & Safe: Natural ingredients for kittens & sensitive cats.
  • Happy & Healthy Cat: Reduces coughing & discomfort, unleashing the purrs!

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Watch Hairballs Turn Into Purrs with Beaphar Hairball Paste: A Domestic Cat’s Dream!

Does your feline friend cough up unwelcome surprises? Fear not! Beaphar Hairball Paste is here to turn those hairball horrors into happy purrs. Specially formulated for domestic cats, this delicious paste tackles hairballs at their source, preventing them from forming and easing their passage through your kitty’s delicate digestive system. Say goodbye to messy cleanups and hello to a happier, healthier cat!

Unveiling the Dual-Action Power:

Beaphar Hairball Paste isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill solution. It boasts a powerful dual-action formula, delivering double the hairball defense for your domestic cat:

  • Malt Magic: The natural ingredient malt acts like a furry magnet, gently attracting and binding loose hair in your cat’s stomach. This prevents clumping and helps hair flow smoothly through the intestines, reducing the likelihood of hairballs forming.
  • Prebiotic Punch: MOS, a special prebiotic, nourishes the good bacteria in your cat’s gut, promoting healthy digestion and overall well-being. This not only aids in hairball prevention but also supports a strong immune system for your feline companion.
More Than Just Hairball Relief:

While tackling hairballs is its primary mission, Beaphar Hairball Paste offers additional benefits for your domestic cat:

  • Deliciously Tempting: Forget the struggle of administering medication! This irresistible paste comes in a flavour cats adore, making it a treat they’ll eagerly lick up.
  • Versatile Application: Offer it directly from the tube, spread it on their paw for a playful treat, or mix it with their food. The choice is yours (and your cat’s)!
  • Gentle and Safe: Suitable for kittens as young as 6 weeks, Hairball Paste is formulated with natural ingredients and is gentle on your cat’s sensitive digestive system.
Invest in a Hairball-Free Future:

Don’t let hairballs dampen your domestic cat’s happy spirit. By incorporating Beaphar Hairball Paste into their routine, you’re ensuring a smoother digestive journey, less coughing and hacking, and ultimately, a purrfectly content feline friend. So, give your cat the gift of a hairball-free life and witness the purrs of gratitude!

Remember, a happy cat starts with a healthy gut. Choose Beaphar Hairball Paste for a domestic cat that thrives!

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