Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On for Medium Dogs

  • Beaphar
  • Fleas & Ticks Gone: Kills fleas in 24hrs, repels for 5 weeks. Ticks vanish in 48hrs. ️
  • Made for Medium Pups: 10-20kg weight range = perfect fit, effective dose.
  • Easy One-Dose Pipette: No stress, no mess. Apply & cuddle!
  • Gentle, Vet-Approved: Kind to sensitive skin, safe for pups over 8 weeks.
  • Peace of Mind in Every Dose: Happy dog, happy you. Play freely, worry-free!

Say goodbye to pesky parasites and hello to happy tail wags with Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On for Medium Dogs!

Is your medium dog scratching like crazy, sporting unwelcome freeloaders, and making playtime a pain? Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On for Medium Dogs is your one-stop solution to unleashing a pest-free paradise for your furry friend.

Medium-sized marvel: Forget the hassle of finding the right dosage – this easy-to-use pipette is precisely formulated for medium dogs weighing between 10-20kg. Simply part the fur at the base of your dog’s neck, squeeze the pipette, and watch those flea frustrations disappear.

Flea fortress: Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On packs a powerful punch against fleas. In just 24 hours, those pesky parasites will be a distant memory, and your medium dog can finally enjoy unhindered zoomies and belly rubs. But the protection doesn’t stop there – this wonder-weapon keeps fleas at bay for a whopping five weeks, letting you enjoy itch-free cuddles for longer.

Tick terminator: But wait, there’s more! Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On doesn’t discriminate. Those nasty ticks that hitch a ride on your medium dog’s adventures don’t stand a chance either. Say goodbye to tick-borne diseases and hello to worry-free walks in the woods. This powerful formula takes down ticks within 48 hours, leaving your medium dog free to explore with confidence.

Gentle giant: Don’t worry, gentle giants – Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On  is gentle on your medium dog’s skin. This vet-strength formula is safe for use on pups over 8 weeks old, so even your playful little rascal can stay protected.

Peace of mind in a pipette: Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On isn’t just about keeping your medium dog comfortable – it’s about giving you peace of mind. Knowing your furry friend is protected from pesky parasites allows you to focus on what truly matters – enjoying those tail-wagging moments that make having a medium dog so special.

So, ditch the scratching, the squirming, and the worry. Unleash a pest-free paradise for your medium dog with Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On for Medium Dogs. Order yours today and watch your furry friend rediscover the joy of uninhibited fun!

Remember, Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On for Medium Dogs:
  • Specifically designed for medium dogs weighing 10-20kg
  • Kills fleas within 24 hours and keeps them at bay for 5 weeks
  • Eliminates ticks within 48 hours
  • Gentle on your dog’s skin
  • Easy to use, vet-strength formula
Give your medium dog the gift of pest-free bliss with Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On for Medium Dogs!
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