Beaphar Canishield Flea Collar

  • Beaphar
  • 16+ weeks flea & 6 months tick shield!
  • Bye-bye fleas, ticks & sandflies (5.5 months!)
  • Vet-strength, easy-use, water-resistant
  • Safe for pups (7+ weeks)
  • Unleash worry-free adventures!

Unleash Worry-Free Adventures with Beaphar Canishield Flea Collar: Shield Your Pup from Pesky Parasites!

Say goodbye to flea-bitten blues and tick-tock anxieties with the Beaphar Canishield Flea Collar, your dog’s ultimate shield against pesky parasites. This innovative collar delivers up to 16 weeks of flea protection and a whopping 6 months of tick defense, keeping your furry friend itch-free and happy during every adventure.

But Beaphar Canishield isn’t just about fleas and ticks. This powerhouse collar also provides 5.5 months of protection against sandflies, ensuring your dog’s comfort even in exotic locales. Whether you’re exploring sun-drenched beaches or hiking through lush forests, Beaphar Canishield has your pup covered.

Here’s why Beaphar Canishield is the flea and tick collar of choice for pet parents everywhere:
  • Long-lasting protection: Forget the hassle of monthly treatments. Beaphar Canishield’s slow-release formula keeps parasites at bay for weeks and months, not days.
  • Broad spectrum defense: Fleas, ticks, and sandflies? No problem! Beaphar Canishield tackles them all, providing complete peace of mind for you and your furry companion.
  • Vet-strength formula: This clinically proven collar contains deltamethrin, a powerful insecticide and acaricide trusted by veterinarians worldwide.
  • Easy to use: Simply adjust the collar to fit your dog’s neck, snap the buckle, and enjoy worry-free walks for months to come.
  • Water-resistant: Rain or shine, mud or puddles, Beaphar Canishield stays effective, keeping your dog protected even during the most rambunctious playtime.
  • Safe for most dogs: Suitable for puppies as young as 7 weeks old, Beaphar Canishield is gentle enough for even the most sensitive pups.
Don’t let pesky parasites steal the joy from your dog’s adventures. Choose Canishield Flea Collar and give your furry friend the freedom to explore, play, and wag with confidence.
Order your Beaphar Canishield Flea Collar today and unleash the shield of protection your dog deserves!
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