Beaphar Calming Spot-On for Dogs

  • Beaphar
  • Calms stress & anxiety (fireworks, travel, vet visits)
  • Promotes relaxation & quiet (reduces barking, whining)
  • Supports new environments (travel, moving)
  • Natural formula (valerian & lavender)
  • Easy monthly application

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Beaphar Calming Spot-On for Dogs: Your Dog’s Stress-Free Companion

Is your furry friend feeling anxious, restless, or easily startled? Do loud noises, separation anxiety, or travel cause them distress? Beaphar Calming Spot-On for Dogs is the calming remedy for dogs you’ve been searching for.

This innovative, easy-to-use solution provides long-lasting calming effects for up to 4 weeks, helping your dog feel more relaxed and comfortable in stressful situations. Its unique formula, containing natural ingredients like valerian and lavender, works harmoniously to calm and soothe your dog, promoting a sense of well-being.

Key Benefits of Beaphar Calming Spot-On :
  • Reduces stress and anxiety: Whether it’s fireworks, thunderstorms, vet visits, or separation anxiety, Calming Spot-On helps your dog cope with stressful situations calmly and confidently.
  • Promotes relaxation and calmness: The calming formula helps your dog feel more relaxed and at ease, reducing excessive barking, whining, and pacing.
  • Supports travel and new environments: Traveling or introducing your dog to new environments can be overwhelming. Beaphar Calming Spot-On helps them adjust more easily, making the experience less stressful.
  • Natural and gentle formula: Made with natural ingredients like valerian and lavender, this calming remedy for dogs is gentle and safe for regular use.
  • Easy to use: Simply apply the spot-on solution to the back of your dog’s neck once a month for continuous calming effects.
Beaphar Calming Spot-On for Dogs is the perfect solution for:
  • Dogs who are easily startled by loud noises
  • Dogs with separation anxiety
  • Dogs who struggle with travel anxiety
  • Dogs who are hyperactive or restless
  • Dogs who need support during stressful events
Give your dog the gift of peace and relaxation with Beaphar Calming Spot-On for Dogs. Order yours today!
  • Size: Contains 3 pipettes
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