Autarky Puppy Junior Delicious Chicken

  • Autarky
  • Real Chicken Delight: Bursting with #1 ingredient real chicken, ignites taste buds and fuels playful puppy energy.
  • Growing Strong & Playing Longer: High-quality protein & balanced energy for strong bodies and endless zoomies.
  • Brainy Bites: Vitamin E, fatty acids & taurine support healthy brain development, for smarter pups and faster learning.
  • Happy Tummies, Happy Pups: Prebiotics & gut-friendly herbs keep digestion purring smoothly, minimizing stinky surprises.

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Unleash Wagging Tails and Whimpering Whiskers with Autarky Puppy Junior Delicious Chicken Dry Dog Food!

Every puppy adventure begins with a symphony of playful paws, excited yaps, and boundless energy. And what fuels that adorable chaos? Delicious, nutritious food like Autarky Puppy Junior Delicious Chicken Dry Dog Food! Crafted with your little explorer’s needs in mind, this kibble isn’t just a meal, it’s a launchpad for puppy playfulness and healthy growth.

Fueling Furry Adventures:
  • Delicious Chicken for Discerning Taste Buds: Bursting with real, succulent chicken as the number one ingredient, Autarky Puppy Junior ignites tiny taste buds with every crunch. Watch those ears perk up and tails wag a mile a minute with each irresistible mouthful!
  • Growing Strong, Playing Longer: Packed with high-quality protein and moderate energy levels, this kibble provides the perfect platform for your puppy’s booming body and boundless energy. Watch those adorable legs grow strong, those zoomies last longer, and those puppy dog snuggles come even faster.
  • Brainpower in Every Bite: Developing minds need the right fuel, and Autarky Puppy Junior delivers! Vitamin E, fatty acids, and taurine work together to support your puppy’s neural development and learning. That means quicker wit for catching frisbees, faster recall for those backyard chases, and maybe even mastering “sit” a little sooner (fingers crossed!).
  • Happy Tummies, Happy Puppies: Prebiotics and gut-friendly herbs keep your puppy’s digestive system purring like a kitten. Less smelly poos, more playtime – it’s a win-win for everyone!
More Than Just Kibble, It’s Puppy Magic:

Autarky Puppy Junior Delicious Chicken Dry Dog Food isn’t just about filling hungry tummies, it’s about nurturing the incredible journey of puppyhood. Every bowlful is a promise of:

  • Healthy Shine, from Nose to Tail: A balanced blend of essential vitamins and minerals ensures your puppy’s fur shines as bright as their personality. Get ready for a coat that’s soft to the touch and begs for endless cuddles.
  • A Strong Foundation for a Long Life: With a focus on balanced nutrition and natural ingredients, Autarky Puppy Junior sets your furry friend up for a lifetime of tail wags and happy barks.

So, unleash the puppy magic within! Ditch the bland kibble and watch your little adventurer blossom with the deliciousness and nutrition of Autarky Puppy Junior Chicken Dry Dog Food. Because every playful pounce, every excited bark, every heartwarming cuddle starts with a bowlful of love – and Autarky.

Ready to ignite the pawsitivity? Order your bag of Autarky Puppy Junior Delicious Chicken Dry Dog Food today and let the puppy adventures begin!


Chicken meal (35%), maize, chicken fat, rice (5%), full-fat linseed, yeast, alfalfa, prairie meal, peas, carrot, salmon oil, mannan oligosaccharides, marigold, milk thistle, nettle, yucca, blackcurrant, kale, beetroot, rosemary, seaweed, rosehip, thyme, peppermint, fennel, paprika, turmeric, dandelion, ginger, fenugreek, oregano, aloe vera (0.4% herbs, 4% vegetables)

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