Arm & Hammer Fresh 360° Toothbrush

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  • 360° clean: Reaches every nook & cranny with ease.
  • Brush time slash: Tackle plaque & tartar in just a few strokes.
  • Kiss doggy breath goodbye: Baking soda infused bristles for minty fresh smiles.
  • Gentle on gums: Soft bristles make brushing comfy for sensitive pups.
  • Vet-approved design: For a healthy, happy smile.

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Ditch the doggy breath, unleash sparkling smiles: Introducing the Arm & Hammer Fresh 360° Toothbrush for Dogs!

Say goodbye to those nose-wrinkling sniffs and hello to a grin that could melt hearts! The Arm & Hammer Fresh 360° Toothbrush for Dogs is no ordinary dental tool; it’s a canine dental revolution. This innovative brush redefines dog teeth cleaning, tackling plaque and tartar head-on, all while making brush time a breeze for both you and your furry friend.

Tired of struggling with traditional toothbrushes? Forget awkward angles and endless swipes! The Arm & Hammer 360° Toothbrush for Dogs boasts a unique, multi-angled head that wraps around teeth, reaching every nook and cranny with its soft, gentle bristles. Imagine, one sweep and you’ve tackled multiple surfaces. No more wrestling Fido for a thorough clean – now, just a few quick strokes unleash a dazzling smile that shines brighter than a tennis ball in the sun.

Time-saving magic? You bet! This isn’t your average dog grooming chore. The Arm & Hammer  360° Toothbrush for Dogs cuts brushing time down to a fraction, letting you spend more moments on belly rubs and fetch, and less on dental acrobatics. Think 360° cleaning power, think reduced fuss, think happy pup (and a happier you!).

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t just about convenience. The Arm & Hammer 360° Toothbrush for Dogs comes infused with the power of baking soda – nature’s own odor neutralizer. Bid farewell to that doggy breath blues! Each brush session leaves your pup’s breath smelling minty fresh, so those snuggles on the couch become even more delightful.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your dog the gift of pearly whites and fresh breath with the Arm & Hammer Fresh 360° Toothbrush for Dogs. It’s the ultimate weapon in your canine dental arsenal, making brush time a joyful experience for both of you. Remember, a healthy smile means a happy pup, and with the Arm & Hammer Fresh 360° Toothbrush for Dogs, achieving that sparkling grin is just a brushstroke away!

Embrace the 360° difference. Unleash the power of baking soda. Give your dog the smile they deserve!
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