Arden Grange Weaning Dry Puppy Food

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  • High-Calorie Goodness: 32% protein packs a punch for boundless energy and healthy growth.
  • Tiny Kibble, Big Taste: Perfectly sized for miniature mouths, delicious chicken & rice combo satisfies tiny tummies.
  • Strong Bones & Happy Joints: Balanced calcium, phosphorus & vitamin D support playful leaps and bounds.
  • Gentle Digestion: Prebiotics & natural fibers keep puppy tummies happy and ready for more adventures.
  • Vibrant Health: Essential vitamins & minerals for a shiny coat, sparkling eyes, and a healthy immune system.
  • Peace of Mind: Free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives – just wholesome goodness in every bite.
  • Unbreakable Bond: Mealtimes become moments of connection, building a lifetime of love and laughter.

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Watch Tiny Paws Take Giant Leaps: Introducing Arden Grange Weaning Dry Puppy Food!

Every wiggle, wag, and wet nose kiss during those first few weeks is a monumental milestone in your puppy’s life. Watching them transition from wobbly explorer to playful pup is pure magic, and Arden Grange Weaning Dry Puppy Food is here to fuel their adorable adventure!

Specially crafted for puppies from around 3 weeks old, this delicious chicken and rice recipe is more than just food – it’s a springboard for boundless energy and healthy growth. Imagine tiny tails wagging as they discover the satisfying crunch of Arden Grange Weaning Dry Puppy Food, packed with the perfect blend of nutrients to nourish their every leap and zoomie.

Fueling Fantastic Furry Friends:
  • High-Calorie Goodness: We know your little bundle of fluff burns through playtime energy like lightning. That’s why Arden Grange Weaning Dry Puppy Food boasts a rich, 32% protein content, giving their growing bodies the building blocks they need to bounce, wrestle, and chase butterflies to their heart’s content.

  • Tiny Kibble, Big Taste: Say goodbye to messy mealtimes! This specially-sized kibble is perfectly adapted for those miniature mouths, making every bite a delightful discovery. Watch those adorable pink tongues lap up the irresistible chicken and rice blend, leaving bowls squeaky clean with happy tail wags in their wake.

  • Growing Strong from the Inside Out: Healthy bones and joints are crucial for your puppy’s playful pursuits. Arden Grange Weaning Dry Puppy Food delivers precisely balanced calcium and phosphorus, along with vitamin D, to support strong skeletal development and set them up for a lifetime of happy leaps and bounds.

  • Tummy-Loving TLC: Nothing dampens a playful spirit like digestive woes. Arden Grange Weaning Dry Puppy Food is gently digestible, thanks to prebiotics and natural fibers, helping your puppy’s little tummy adjust to solid food with ease. No more worrying about messy puddles – just pure puppy playtime joy!

Beyond the Bowl:

Arden Grange Weaning Puppy Food is more than just a meal, it’s a symbol of your commitment to your furry best friend’s well-being. By choosing this premium nutrition, you’re giving your puppy the gift of:

  • Vibrant Health: Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, this food supports a healthy immune system, shiny coat, and sparkling eyes. Watch your puppy blossom into a picture of doggy perfection!
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your puppy is getting the best possible nutritional start fills every human heart with joy. Arden Grange Weaning Puppy Food is free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives – just wholesome goodness in every bite.
  • Unbreakable Bond: Mealtimes are moments of connection, and with Arden Grange Weaning Puppy Food, you’re creating shared experiences that blossom into a lifetime of love and laughter. Every crunch, every lick, every happy tail wag builds a bond that only you and your furry friend can share.

So, as your puppy embarks on this grand adventure called life, be their guide and their gourmand. Make mealtimes moments of messy joy and boundless energy with Arden Grange Weaning Puppy Food. Watch them grow, play, and learn, fueled by the goodness that nourishes not just their bodies, but their playful spirits too. Welcome to the incredible world of puppyhood, fueled by Arden Grange!

Remember, every happy, healthy puppy starts with the right foundation. Give your furry friend the best with Arden Grange Weaning Puppy Food. Let the tail wags, zoomies, and endless cuddles begin!


Chicken (Chicken meat meal 26%, fresh chicken 18%), rice (14%), maize, refined chicken oil, whole dried egg, beet pulp, fish meal, chicken digest, krill, yeast, minerals, whole linseed, prebiotic FOS, prebiotic MOS, yucca extract, glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, cranberries, nucleotides.

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