Animology True Colours Shampoo

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  • Boosts & Brightens: Enhance natural coat colours, revealing vibrant, sun-kissed hues.
  • Gentle Cleanse: Nourishes while removing dirt & odour, leaving a healthy, touchable coat.
  • Shine On: Long-lasting formula keeps coats gleaming days after bath time.
  • Natural Radiance: No harsh chemicals, perfect for sensitive skin & all breeds.
  • Fresh & Fragrant: Delightful scent leaves pups smelling pawsome for longer.

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Unleash the Rainbow Within: Animology True Colours Shampoo for a Coat that Shines as Bright as Your Furry Friend

Is your pup’s coat looking a little washed out? Maybe those sun-kissed highlights have faded, or the winter blues are dulling their natural radiance. Fear not, dog lovers! Animology True Colours Shampoo is here to banish dullness and unleash a vibrant explosion of colour in your four-legged friend’s fur.

Forget about chalky dyes and harsh chemicals. True Colours works like magic, enhancing your dog’s natural coat colour from root to tip with its gentle, natural formula. Think of it as a spa day for your pup, except instead of mud masks and cucumber slices, they get a luxurious lather that amplifies their inherent beauty.

True Colours isn’t just about vanity, though. This powerhouse shampoo is packed with nourishing ingredients like pro-vitamin B5 and gentle cleansers that remove dirt and odours without stripping away essential oils. The result? A healthy, gleaming coat that’s soft to the touch and smells like a walk in a spring meadow.

Whether your dog sports a sleek black coat, a fiery red mane, or anything in between, True Colours has their back (or should we say, fur?). It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and suitable for all ages and breeds, from playful pups to majestic seniors.

Here’s what True Colours Shampoo can do for your furry friend:
  • Boost Natural Colour: Say goodbye to faded hues and hello to a vibrant, revitalized coat that shimmers in the sunlight.
  • Deep Cleanse and Condition: Gentle cleansers remove dirt and odours while pro-vitamin B5 hydrates and nourishes the coat for a healthy, touchable texture.
  • No Harsh Chemicals: No need to worry about irritating ingredients or artificial dyes. True Colours is natural and gentle, perfect for even the most sensitive pups.
  • Long-Lasting Shine: The unique formula keeps your dog’s coat gleaming for days after bath time, so they can strut their stuff with confidence.
  • Signature Scent: Leave bath time behind with a fresh, delightful fragrance that lingers long after the bubbles have faded.

So, are you ready to unleash the true colours of your dog’s coat? Grab a bottle of Animology True Colours Shampoo today and watch your furry friend transform into a dazzling masterpiece of nature.

Remember, every bath is an opportunity to reveal the vibrant rainbow within!

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