Animology Fox Poo Shampoo

  • Animology
  • Kicks foxy funk: Deep cleans dirt & odour, leaving pups smelling “fabulous”, not foxy.
  • Gentle & nourishing: Soothes sensitive skin, conditions for a healthy, shiny coat.
  • Baths in a flash: Easy-rinse formula saves you precious suds-slinging time.
  • Freshness guaranteed: Signature scent replaces “muck meadow” with “awesomeness”

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Say Goodbye to the Foxtrot Five with Animology Fox Poo Shampoo: From Foul Frenzy to Fresh Fabulosity!

Is your furry friend’s penchant for rolling in pungent presents turning playtime into a pungent purgatory? Does the dreaded “Fox Poo Tango” have your nose running for the hills faster than a scaredy-cat? Fear not, fellow dog owner, for Animology award-winning Fox Poo Shampoo is here to vanquish the stench and restore olfactory equilibrium to your home!

No more frantic frothing at the first whiff of foxy faux pas! This revolutionary formula tackles stubborn fox poo like a ninja warrior battling bad odours. Its deep-cleaning action cuts through even the most egregious grime, leaving your canine companion smelling fresh and fabulous, not foxy fabulous.

Forget the “Eau de Mucky Meadow” – embrace the “Aroma of Awesomeness!” Infused with a signature scent, Animology’s Fox Poo Shampoo banishes the barnyard and embraces the bouffant. Every bath transforms your poo-encrusted pal into a perfumed prince (or princess!), ready to strut their stuff without a hint of their earthy escapades.

But it’s not just about vanquishing the funk! Fox Poo Shampoo is gentle enough for even the most sensitive pups, with built-in conditioners and Pro-Vitamin B5 leaving coats soft, shiny, and healthy. No more harsh stripping or irritated skin – just happy hounds and healthy hides.

And because we know every bath is a battle against the clock, our easy-rinse formula saves you precious suds-slinging seconds. Less splashing, more snuggles – who wouldn’t love that?

So ditch the desperation dives for the nearest ditch and say “woof hoo!” to clean, confident canines with Animology’s Fox Poo Shampoo. Because life’s too short to smell like a fox’s folly – choose fresh and fabulous, every time!
Order your bottle of freedom from the foxtrot five today and let the good times roll (without the rolling in, of course!)

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