Animate Camel Dog Coat

  • Animate
  • Warm & Dry: Waterproof & windproof for all-weather adventures, any size pup!
  • Snuggly Fit: Soft fleece lining & adjustable closures for comfy cuddling.
  • Ready to Explore: Reflective trim & leash attachments, plus easy cleaning!
  • Unleash Joy: Chase squirrels, curl under stars – every pup deserves to explore!
  • Built to Last: Quality materials & expert stitching for happy adventures.
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Unleash the Explorer Within: Equip Your Small to Large Adventurer with the Animate Camel Dog Coat!

Is your furry friend a fearless adventurer, ready to brave any weather? Does their boundless spirit lead them from cozy fireside naps to muddy puddle plunges? Then you need the Animate Camel Dog Coat, the ultimate shield against the elements for small to large explorers alike!

Crafted with the needs of active pups of all sizes in mind, the Animate Camel Dog Coat isn’t just another layer of fluff. It’s a technical masterpiece, designed to keep your canine companion comfortable, dry, and ready for anything, no matter the size of their paws.

Weatherproof for every wag: Our innovative material boasts superior waterproofing and windproofness, making puddles mere suggestions and chilly breezes a distant memory. Whether you’re trekking through a misty forest or facing a blustery beach day, the Animate Camel Dog Coat keeps your small to large adventurer snug and dry – guaranteed to bring more wags than whimpers!

Cozy comfort, big or small: Don’t let a dog’s size dictate their snugness! The Animate Dog Coat comes in a range of sizes to perfectly fit your petite terrier to your majestic giant breed. Our adjustable closures ensure a custom fit, so your pup can frolic freely without restrictions. Plus, the luxuriously soft fleece lining cradles them in warmth, from their tiny toes to their wagging tail.

Adventure-ready details: We know small and large explorers deserve functional gear. That’s why the Animate Dog Coat features thoughtful details like reflective trims for enhanced visibility during those early morning or twilight walks, and convenient leash attachments for seamless adventure transitions. Plus, it’s machine washable, so muddy mishaps are a breeze to clean up!

Invest in endless exploration: The Animate Dog Coat isn’t just a coat, it’s an invitation to boundless adventures. It’s the confidence to chase squirrels through snowdrifts, the comfort to curl up under a starry sky, and the peace of mind for you, knowing your small to large adventurer is protected and pampered, every step of the way.

So, don’t let weather hold your pup back. Unleash their inner explorer with the Animate Camel Dog Coat, the ultimate companion for small and large adventures, big and small!

Remember, the Animate Dog Coat comes in sizes to fit every fearless explorer, from your pocket-sized pup to your gentle giant. Order yours today and let the adventures begin!

Available sizes from 14″ to 16″.


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10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 24 inch


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