Ancol Whelping Collars

  • Ancol
  • Rainbow ID: Instantly tell pups apart in a flurry of fur.
  • Velcro Hug: Super-soft & comfy, like a gentle paw on tiny necks.
  • Happy Handling: Early touch familiarity for stress-free checkups.
  • Growing Up: From wobbly steps to playful zoomies, one collar fits all.
  • Keepsake Cuteness: Tiny reminders of their helpless beginnings.
  • Paparazzi Approved: Add a pop of personality to those puppy pics!

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From Tiny Paws to Big Personalities: Keep Track of Your Adorable Crew with Ancol Whelping Collars!

The joy of a new litter knows no bounds! Tiny wiggling bodies, soft whimpers, and endless puddles of puppy breath – it’s a time for overflowing hearts and watchful eyes. But amidst the cuteness, keeping track of individual pups can feel like wrangling a bundle of fluffy, squirming confetti. That’s where Ancol Whelping Collars come in, like superhero capes for your pint-sized pack!

Unleash the Power of Puppy Identification:

Say goodbye to frantic “who’s who” moments! These super-soft, lightweight collars come in a rainbow of bright colours, making it easy to differentiate your precious newborns. No more squinting at barely-there markings or playing detective with milk splotches – a quick glance tells you exactly who’s the mischievous one, the sleepyhead, and the champion milk drinker.

Comfort First, Fun Always:

We know tiny pups deserve the gentlest touch. That’s why Ancol Whelping Collars are crafted with velcro closures, eliminating the need for fiddly buckles or irritating clasps. They’re like a gentle hug, keeping your little adventurers comfy and focused on what matters most – exploring their brave new world with their siblings.

More Than Just Colours:

Ancol Whelping Collars go beyond simple identification. They’re a tool for fostering early positive experiences with handling and touch. The familiar feel of the collar becomes a source of comfort, making weigh-ins, health checks, and even nail trims less stressful for both you and your pups. Plus, the bright colours add a pop of personality to those first adorable photos – trust us, puppy paparazzi go gaga for these collars!

From Teeny Tiny to Tail-Wagging Teens:

As your furry bundles grow, their Whelping Collars can grow with them! The adjustable design allows for a perfect fit from those first wobbly steps to playful zoomies around the yard. Soon enough, their tiny collars will become cherished keepsakes, a sweet reminder of their helpless beginnings and the journey you shared.

So, don’t let the early days of puppyhood be a blur of indistinguishable fluff. Embrace the organizational magic and playful personality boost of Ancol Whelping Collars. From tiny paws to big personalities, watch your adorable crew blossom with confidence and clarity, one colourful collar at a time!
Remember: Ancol Whelping Collars, because every tiny hero deserves a spotlight!
  • Collar size 10MM X 23CM total of 12 collars
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