Ancol Reflective Blue Bone Dog Lead

  • Ancol
  • Safe Strolls: Reflective for nighttime visibility.
  • Strong & comfy: Handles all sizes & playful pulls.
  • Trendy Pup: Fun bone pattern & matching collar option.
  • Walks Made Easy: Secure grip & comfy handles.

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Strut Your Pup in Safety & Style: The Ancol Reflective Blue Bone Dog Lead for Small to Large Breeds

Looking for a dog lead that combines safety, comfort, and pawsome style for your furry friend? Look no further than the Ancol Reflective Blue Bone Dog Lead, designed for small to large breeds. This eye-catching lead isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s packed with features to ensure your walks are enjoyable, secure, and visible day or night.

Unleash Confidence with Superior Visibility:
  • Nighttime adventures? No problem! Woven with bright, reflective threads, this lead ensures your dog is highly visible to motorists and pedestrians in low-light conditions. Keep your peace of mind knowing your canine companion is safe and seen during evening strolls.
  • Bold blue colour: Forget basic black! This vibrant lead adds a touch of personality to your walks, making your dog the star of the sidewalk. Plus, the blue hue pops beautifully against various fur colours, ensuring your pup stands out in any crowd.
Built for Comfort & Control, Regardless of Size:
  • Durable nylon construction: Whether you have a playful puppy or a majestic senior, this lead is built to last. The strong nylon material can withstand even the most enthusiastic tugs and playful pulls, offering long-lasting wear and tear resistance.
  • Comfortable grip: Designed with your comfort in mind, the lead features a soft, ergonomically shaped handle that’s easy to grip and control, even during playful walks or unexpected lunges. Enjoy stress-free strolls without worrying about hand fatigue.
More Than Just a Lead, It’s a Fashion Statement:
  • Bone-afide style: The adorable blue bone pattern adds a touch of whimsy and fun to your walks. It’s the perfect way to show off your dog’s personality and express your unique style.
  • Complementary accessories: Pair the lead with a matching Ancol Reflective Blue Bone Collar for a head-turning, coordinated look that’s sure to turn heads. Your dog will be the envy of the dog park with this pawsome ensemble!
Invest in quality, safety, and style with the Ancol Reflective Blue Bone Dog Lead. It’s the perfect choice for small to large breed owners who want comfortable walks, confident visibility, and a touch of pawsome personality.
Remember, don’t just walk your dog, strut them in style and safety!


  • This lead measures 1 metre in length and 19mm in width.
  • The recommended maximum weight for this lead is 50kg.
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