Ancol Multi-Way Nylon Training Lead

  • Ancol
  • Train it all! Heelwork, loose leash, recall – adjust for any task.
  • Comfy nylon for pup, padded grip for you – walks made easy.
  • Built tough for rain or shine, secure D-rings keep things safe.
  • Hands-free fun: Clip around your waist for park playdates.
  • Unleash confidence – invest in a well-behaved, happy companion.

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Unleash Training Potential with the Ancol Multi-Way Nylon Training Lead: Control, Comfort, Confidence

Transform walks into training sessions with the Ancol Multi-Way Nylon Training Lead, your versatile partner in shaping good behavior. This innovative lead isn’t just about getting from A to B – it’s about guiding your furry friend towards a life of happy obedience.

Unleash a Multitude of Possibilities:

The beauty of the Multi-Way Nylon Training Lead lies in its adaptability. Unlike a one-trick-pony leash, this design boasts multiple attachment points and adjustable lengths, empowering you to cater to a variety of training needs.

  • Heelwork like a pro: Clip the lead close to the collar for focused heelwork exercises, keeping your pup close and attentive.
  • Practice loose-leash walking: Extend the lead to comfortable lengths, gradually teaching your dog the joy of walking calmly beside you without pulling.
  • Master recall: Use the lead as a long line for controlled recall training, building your dog’s confidence and responsiveness.
  • Socialize safely: Secure the lead around your waist for hands-free control during park visits or doggy playdates, ensuring relaxed interactions with other pups.
Comfort Meets Control:

The Multi-Way Nylon Training Lead isn’t just about effectiveness – it’s about your dog’s comfort and well-being too. Crafted from durable yet gentle nylon, the lead is kind to your dog’s fur and skin, preventing chafing or irritation. The padded handle ensures a comfortable grip for you, minimizing hand fatigue during extended training sessions.

Built for Every Adventure:

Whether you’re tackling the bustling city streets or exploring winding nature trails, the Multi-Way Nylon Training Lead is made to last. The weatherproof nylon construction stands up to rain, mud, and sunshine, while the strong metal D-rings and trigger hooks guarantee secure attachment.

Invest in Confidence, One Walk at a Time:

The Multi-Way Nylon Training Lead is more than just a leash – it’s an investment in your dog’s future. By providing the tools and flexibility for effective training, you’re fostering a confident, well-behaved companion you can enjoy walks and adventures with for years to come.

Unleash the potential within your dog, and within yourself, with the Ancol Multi-Way Nylon Training Lead. Order yours today and embark on a journey of joyful, successful training!
  • Size 19mm (3/4″) X 225cm (7ft 6″)
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