Ancol Black & Grey Hoodie Jumper

  • Ancol
  • Chill chasers rejoice! Snuggle your pup in cozy warmth with this soft hoodie.
  • Heads will turn. The sleek black & grey design makes your doggo a fashionista.
  • Leash ready! Harness hole means adventures start in seconds, not struggles.
  • Wash & wear! Machine-washable fabric keeps playtime fresh, not laundry-filled.
  • XSmall to XLarge snuggles! Find the perfect fit for every tail-wagging friend.
  • Durable fun! Built to last, this hoodie’s gonna be your pup’s BFF for ages
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Snuggle in Style: The Ancol Black & Grey Hoodie Jumper for XSmall to XLarge Dogs

Is your furry friend feeling the chilliest of chills? Banish shivers and boost the swagger with the Ancol Black & Grey Hoodie Jumper – the ultimate in canine comfort and cool. Designed for pups from XSmall to XLarge, this hoodie isn’t just about keeping your pal warm; it’s about unleashing their inner fashionista.

Picture this: crisp autumn air, leaves crunching under paws, and your doggo strutting down the sidewalk, head held high, sporting the sleekest Ancol Black & Grey Hoodie. The modern black and grey design is a paw-sitively purrfect blend of urban chic and sporty vibes, turning heads and eliciting tail wags everywhere they go. But beyond the runway-ready looks, this hoodie is all about practical paw-formance.

Cozy comfort, check! Crafted from soft, thick fabric, the Ancol Black & Grey Hoodie wraps your pooch in a hug of warmth, chasing away the nippy air and making every walk a snugglefest. Whether it’s braving frosty mornings or snuggling by the fireplace, this hoodie is their ticket to cozy contentment.

Fashion with function, double check! The convenient harness hole ensures seamless leash attachment, so your pup can stay stylish and safe on every adventure. Machine washable? Absolutely! Keeping this hoodie fresh is a breeze, meaning more time for belly rubs and less time fussing over laundry.

Sizes? We’ve got you covered (literally)! From the tiniest XSmall Chihuahua to the majestic XLarge Great Dane, the Ancol Black & Grey Hoodie has your pup’s perfect fit. Find the size that hugs their curves just right and watch their confidence blossom with every strut.

So, unleash the inner supermodel (or should we say super-mutt?) in your dog. Grab the Ancol Black & Grey Hoodie Jumper today and let the snuggles and style commence!

Available in size XS(20cm), S(30cm), M(40cm), L(50cm) and XL(60cm)

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XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge


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