We have developed a very exclusive membership " Loyal 4 Ever" for all our All4Petstore customers.

When  you register for our Loyalty 4 Ever membership your pet will become enrolled within a very exclusive range of services.

When you commit to Spend £50.00 annually your pet will receive a FREE pet microchip registration (RRP £10)

When you commit to spend over £250.00 in store annually your pet will receive FREE membership to HomPet 365 (RRP £20)

When You commit to spend over £500.00 in store we will up grade your registration to Vet-Check and PAWTROL (RRP £40)

(Vet-Check and PAWTROL is administrated by Pet Identity UK Group and will link your pets microchip registration to over 5,200 verified veterinary surgeries and all UK Pet warden/councils. Your current vet surgeon details will be required.

The PAWTROL service allows for any lost pet to be logged and data alerted to social links and also includes a boost for lost pet profiles within facebook and twitter, the system allows for your pet to be found as quickly as possible and alerts our system to any enquiries regarding your pets information data logged and time logged.

Your pet will be supplied with a special Vet Alert intelligent pet tag.

This service can also be purchased for £40 annual subscription or £199 lifetime subscription form All4Petstore.

Call 0800 975 1960 for more details.

This service is only exclusive for All4Petstore customers. 

The services and administration are provided by Pet Identity UK LTD (iOiN Partnership

Pet Identity UK LTD is the only administrator for Vet-Check and PAWTROL in the UK

For further information about Pet Identity UK LTD - visit www.petidentityuk.info

For further information about iOiN Partnership - visit www.ioin.co.uk